Foreigners (Not) Welcome in Czech Republic?

Just a few years ago, it was too easy getting a job as a foreigner (that’s expat to you) in the Czech Republic. Finally, after the recession has hit Europe hard, the Czech Republic is trimming back the fat. And, again, that’s expat to you.

Update: And in China, too!

It’s been reported that jobs for foreigners are rapidly disappearing. Czech companies are making cuts to those high-priced positions entirely or searching harder for local Czech workers who may be capable to do the same.

Some of the big reasons a company will hire a foreigner is the worker’s native language, e.g. English, French, Portuguese, so that the company has the advantage to get into their respective markets, UK, France, Brazil. Such native language skills are much harder to find locally, especially when the person also should have other skills, like software development, accounting or project management.

The flip side of hiring a foreigner is the added cost. Additional costs may happen once, like airfare for an interview, relocation expenses or initial work permit services. Then, there are recurring service fees, such as sponsoring visa paperwork every year. And lastly, foreigners typically command a larger salary than the local workforce.

Which of the above applies to you would depend on the position you go for and what country you’re relocating to. But these are some of the pros & cons of being an expat. It’s all part of the adventure!

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