Expats Returning Home to UK, Spain, Ireland


I just read an article listing these 3 countries where expats are returning home in droves:

    United Kingdom

Reportedly, the big cause is the weak pound. No surprise there, the British sterling has been losing ground for months, even against a weakening dollar. What does this mean to expats paid in sterling? It means they don’t make as much locally as they used to AND their salary isn’t as powerful back home as it used to be. It’s a double-whammy that is a risk for expats when earning abroad and sending most of their wages home. (Incidentally, when it works the other way, it really is GREEAAATTT!)

The stats in summary: 37% more UK expats are returning home this year compared to last. For Spain, it’s 39%. And for Ireland, it’s a whopping 75%. ouch.

In short, if you’re from the UK, Spain or Ireland and you got a friend living abroad, then he may come knocking on your door sooner than you think. If you’re thinking of moving abroad, plan better than most or have a sweet package set up before leaving.

Here’s the rest of the article, if you’re interested.

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