Happy New Year – Setting Goals

Hi all – it’s January 2010. Unbelievable. I feel like it should still be March or April 2009. Anyway – Happy New Year!!

Time to Set the Year’s Goals
Right around now is when I set some goals for myself for the new year. I’m a big believer in the power of setting goals. (Of course, I may not follow through with them all, but I still believe in making them! hahaha )

For example, my 2009 goals were:

    Get more exercise (~2x a week self, group or at a club)
    Start this blog/website (up running and weekly contribution)
    Visit at least 3 countries.

[Notice, for me, I need numbers or details to say whether I meet it or not]

End result?
Exercise: In April, got a mountain bike and rode often in summer. Also doing taichi (“taiji” in Czech) weekly.
Website: I started this website in August; really committing since October.
As for countries, in 2009, I got to 4 new countries. In fact, we spent Christmas in Rome, which made Italy my 30th country visited or lived in.

So, what are my new goals for 2010? After much thinking (5 minutes), here they are:


    Find a (new) job I enjoy (see entry about current job)
    Experience 2 countries to the east of us by car. (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania)
    Hear somebody say this website directly inspired them to travel or live abroad.

Of course, setting these goals is easy, right? Meeting them takes much more than 5 minutes.

I have a plan of attack:
Find a job:

    Determine where to live (our short list includes New York City, USA or Halifax, Canada)
    Revise my CV (or résumé for the US & Canada)
    Distribute to recruiters & headhunters
    Interview and… Score! For the Win!

Drive to the East:

    Get a booster seat for our 4 year old (now too big for larger car seat)
    Pick week for vacation
    Rent a car, drive and… Score! For the Win!

Hear from Someone Inspired

    Continue to contribute to this blog
    Publish to friends and hope word gets out
    Hear from someone …but how? This depends on You – Let me know!

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