How Expats Greet Each Other

Before I talk about expats, let’s go over a typical ice-breaker conversation in the United States:

Charlie: “Hey, Alice – I want you to meet Bob. Bob, this here’s Alice. Talk amongst yourselves.”

    Alice: Hi Bob. What do you do?
    Bob: I’m a butcher/engineer/shepherd/{any trade you want} You?
    Alice: I write for the local paper.
    Bob: Oh, that must be interesting…how long have you been there?
    Alice: About 4 years. Yeah, I like it. I meet a lot of interesting people.
    Bob: That sounds interesting.

Should sound familiar. It’s pretty much the dialogue you have each time you meet someone, right?

Okay, now how about the same ice breaker between expats?

    Jeff: So, where are you from?
    Martin: UK {note to non-Britons: they never say Great Britain! 🙂 }
    Jeff: Ok, cool. I’m American. How long you been here?
    Martin: 8, 8 1/2 years – you?
    Jeff: Just 4 years.
    Martin: What do you do?
    Jeff: I work at {insert multinational company or global datacenter}
    Martin: Oh, yes, I know a lot of Americans there. You know Buddy Sowenso?
    Jeff: I’ve heard the name, but I don’t know him yet. What do you do?
    Martin: I’m teaching English at the {insert language school or city college}.
    Jeff: Oh, okay. Do you get home often?
    Martin: Once, maybe twice a year. You?
    Jeff: Not as much. Been back just one time

    [ …… after more socializing / drinking ….. ]

    Martin: I couldn’t believe it …Totally didn’t expect that!
    Jeff: Unreal…only here, right? So, plans to return home?
    Martin: Yeah, probably after another year or so. You?
    Jeff: I’m almost ready. Maybe after another year or so.

See any differences? Talk amongst yourselves. 🙂

Now, how expat friends greet each other is another story. Do expats hug, kiss or handshake?

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One thought on “How Expats Greet Each Other”

  1. From my personal experience, here’s a couple things I note:
    From the earliest conversation with someone, you will find out:
    1. Where they’re from.
    2. How long they’ve been there (been expats).
    3. How often they get to go back. (whether they call it home or not)

    After a bit more chit-chat, you’ll likely also find out:
    4. What they do for income.
    5. Kids, family (so, …married a local or spouse also expat?)

    After much more socializing, you’ll also get:
    6. Strong feeling whether they enjoy it here.
    7. How soon they’re moving on, either back home or somewhere else.


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