Moscow Missed You, Bill

Quick story for you.

Over the summer, I went to Moscow for 3 days. (Yes, a short vacation even just flying from Prague.)

I went to Moscow alone, but I wasn’t supposed to be alone.
An old friend, we’ll call him Bill M., was flying from the US to visit me here in Prague, then we planned to hop over to Moscow for a couple days’ adventure. We bought our flights, booked our Moscow hotel rooms – everything was set. Except Bill’s passport, which was held captive by the Russian embassy in New York city in some bureaucratic visa foul-up. For Bill, no visa meant no trip to Moscow. And also, no passport meant no trip at all. Poor Bill ended up watching time pass as no delivery man came, eventually missing his flight to Prague.

I went to Moscow alone. And I spent an afternoon making this video in Bill’s honor. Enjoy:

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