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As I write this, both our son and daughter have colds with runny noses. If you’re a parent of toddlers, you know this means chasing your kid around with tissues every other minute.

Or the alternative is a snot sucker. I think the proper title is “nasal aspirator” but snot sucker is more memorable, so I’m using it.   I should trademark it, in case I go into business with my own product -ha!

The 3 Kinds of Snot Suckers in the World

  1. Those with a bulb (self explanatory) (“A”)
  2. Those with a second tube (“B”)
  3. Those that attach to a vacuum cleaner (wait, attach to a what?!?) (“C”)


(Yes, I made this picture myself from an assortment of grabbed images.)

How Snot Suckers Work

Type A:
Squeeze bulb.
Place narrow end in snotty nose.
Release pressure on bulb.
*Slurp* Pretty self-explanatory really.

Type B:
Place one tube in your (parent’s) mouth.
Place other tube in snotty nose.
Suck air from mouth tube. *SlurP*

Type C:
Place sucker tube near snotty nose.
Calm child.
Turn on vacuum for 2-5 seconds (lower power if adjustable).

Our Experiences

My wife and I only ever heard of the first type when we left the US with our lone 1-year old. Then we moved to Europe. We found the second type and were mildly disgusted by it – but it was pretty effective.  So we used that for a year.

Then our new friends hailed the vacuum-powered snot sucker as the best thing since sliced bread.

Well, we thought “No way – it’ll suck our li’l angel’s brains out!”  However, frustration and a child’s sad eyes help you reconsider anything!  I’m so glad we tried it.

Where to Get Them

Maybe the vacuum-powered snot sucker would not be possible in lawsuit-happy United States. Too bad, their loss.

Trust me, once you go vacuum-powered, you won’t go back. Three years later, we wonder what we ever did without it.

So, let me provide you with quick links on what I see as the Best Model Snot Sucker, in each of the 3 categories I mention above:

A) With a bulb (for infants under 3 months) RATING: 3.5 / 5

B) With a second tube (for 3 months – 1 year) RATING: 4.5 / 5

C) Vacuum powered snot sucker (1 year to adult) RATING: 5 / 5

I have found one online store in Hungary that sells these:

Hungarian Goose Down

If you’re in Europe, get C.  If you’re in the US, order B.

In any case, order now, before your child gets their next cold.  🙂

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13 thoughts on “Vacuum-Powered Snot Sucker”

  1. Someone attempted to comment to this post yesterday. I have comments generally moderated, or set to be approved by me before they are posted. I do this to prevent marketers spamming the site.
    Yesterday, I got 1 comment about 30 minutes after posting — a beautiful example of a marketing troll. I can’t believe someone actually used my snot sucker post as a marketing vehicle.

    Yes, someone submitted a comment that was oh-so-clearly just a marketing comment, aimed at driving potential customers to their special “nasal aspirator” (a.k.a. snot sucker) website.

    In fact, because their comment came so quickly after I posted my snot sucker article, I’m under the impression they used a service such as Google Alerts to alert them whenever a key phrase was posted, e.g. “nasal aspirator”.

    In my opinion, “nasal aspirator” and “snot sucker” should be considered synonyms here. To yesterday’s marketing troll, I advise you to create a new alert for “snot sucker” — it’s bound to keep you busy!


  2. Hi Jeff,
    I came across this while I googled ‘is snot sucker safe’, I don’t know when you wrote this but you left off the Frida Snot Sucker!
    PS I am NOT an advertiser, I just thought your post should include this one, I think it’s the original snot sucker, so I don’t think your name is already used?

  3. Hi Jeff,
    I just came across your article, I don’t know how long ago have you written it. As a Hungarian mom who lives in the US, I knew about “orszi-porszi” and I felt we needed a vacuum powered aspirator on this side of the pond. We renamed the product for the American market and launched as the Snotarator just a few weeks ago. I’m a stay at home mom and started my company, and as you probably already know, this product is a marketing nightmare in the US. If any good word you can put out for us, it’ll be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

  4. Hi I just read the article about the nose snockers and the Hungarian vacuum operated baby vac is available at amazon all so . I have a tree years old son and the article is very help full thank you Anita.

  5. Oh, I cannot live without my orszi porszi. I am also Hungarian who lives in the U.S. and my mother sent me one when I had a baby. When he has a cold I just leave my vacuum cleaner out with the orszi porszi and suck the child’s nose as needed. Kids love it because it brings them instant relief. Makes our life easier on those days.

  6. I just took one of my baby’s (no longer needed) squeeze-bulb snot suckers and rigged it up to use with the vacuum. I cut (drilled, actually) a hole at the back of the bulb, and then cut off the tube section to make it wide enough to fit my nose snugly. Held it up to the vacuum cleaner, inserted, and it works!

  7. is it safe and effective to use nasal aspirator?does it cure chronic sinusitis?one of my friend suggested to perform that …hope it sounds exactly what i wanted to…lol

    1. Hi Angel,

      Personally, I couldn’t recommend it more. We used a nasal aspirator (what I lovingly call a “vacuum powered snot sucker”) for our child’s nasal congestion for months.
      We were living in Europe at the time, where it was easier to find them on the shelves. But now you can get them online and it’s the same thing.
      Hope your child finds the same relief.


  8. I’m 63 and have been plagued with sinus infections. I would love a vacuum powered snot sucker to clean out my infected sinus. I live in Canada. Can i get one?

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