Visa Process – Intro

This is a Big Topic: the visa process.

By the way, when expats talk about visas, we ain’t talking credit cards!

Whenever I hear the question How do I get a visa?, I cringe. I cringe because I know it’s the most common question to ask and the most difficult one to answer.

Some people may stop at “Well, it just depends on the country.” Instead I will write a series of posts, hopefully answering some of the first and tougher questions about the visa process.


Any questions on your mind? Put them in the comments and I’ll reply.

I got my ears open. Stay tuned…

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  1. What countries allow a US citizen to live there with the least restrictions indefinitely? What countries allow a US citizen to become a permanent resident or obtain citizenship in their countries with the least requirements? What countries have the least restrictions for getting employment, especially with minimal education and minimal experience?

    1. Hi Tony! 🙂

      I see you just signed on for consulting. These are excellent questions and we will cover all of them (plus many more) on our call shortly.

      Thank you again,

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