Countdown: 11 Weeks to Move Abroad

In case you don’t visit often or haven’t before now – I’m moving.
Well, we’re a family of four, so We’re moving.

Today, we’re expats in Prague, Czech Republic, but we will move overseas back to North America. This post is the first of several to show how we’ll do it.

It’s now March 10th.
We have a plan: we’ll leave Prague on May 30th.

The planning after that is a bit of a grey area.
You ask “How gray?…Charcoal?

Let’s see – 10 March to 30 May. That leaves just under 3 months, or about 11 weeks.
For a family of four, I would say that 3 months is cutting it close, about the minimum to make it “not-so-stressful.” But we’re going for it. I’ll write about what we’re up to, in case some family out there may find it helpful, too.

So, what have we done to get ready?

    Last week, we bought flights to Halifax, Canada. We still have our fingers crossed for New York city as well, but it’s still not 100% for certain.

    We signed a contract with a property management company. They will handle our apartment we bought here 2 years ago.

    We drafted a spreadsheet of To-Do items like closing bank accounts, health insurance, selling stuff, packing/shipping our stuff ….those little things, right?

Obviously much more to do – stay tuned!

Moving abroad is big deal, but it can be done. Sure, I’ve moved abroad a few times already, but I still get nervous before each big move.

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