Moving to Spain?

I want Expat Yourself to be more than information. It needs to provide value, to you, the expat or expat to-be.

So, one idea I had to give added value is expat-related discounts, incentives, more external help, etc…
To get this means talking to companies to create some advantages for ExpatYourself visitors. Of course, nothing comes for free, so my offered end of the deal is a nice big post about that company.

Here is the first one: Solucion Relocation Services.

What do they do? Relocation services.
For an expat, that means “everything you need, but don’t know how to do for yourself.”
Having someone who’s “local” help with relocation can be incredibly time-saving.

For example, Solucion starts helping you before you arrive and welcomes you when you get there. They offer help with legal, housing, moving, even setting up schooling for your little ones.

To Spain only?
They aren’t limited to Spain – they actually have offices all over the world.

How are they priced? They target executives and families
Targeting executives tells you they may be on the high end of some budgets. I can tell you that they are worth it. That assurance might not help, but 10% off should help.

Yes, Solucion is willing to knock 10% off any and all of their services for you. When you write to Solucion, tell them you’re an ExpatYourself “client” and you will receive a 10% discount.

How’s that? I’m fairly excited about it and I hope you are too.

And in case you’re wondering, no, I don’t get any payment or reward for posting this.

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