Countdown: 5 Weeks to Move Abroad

Today, we’re expats in Prague, Czech Republic, but we are planning our move to Canada. This post is one of a series to show how we’re doing it.

It’s now April 21st.
About five weeks to go.
Feeling some pressure now. 🙂

The plan:

    Will leave Prague on May 30th to Frankfurt.
    Do an RV tour for a month. Our online poll says south is winning so far, e.g. toward Croatia. You vote yet?
    We double-time it back to Frankfurt, Germany where we fly to Halifax, Canada

What have we done since our last post?

    Did a self-designed UNESCO family tour of the Czech Republic, visiting 6 UNESCO Heritage sites.
    Also did a long weekend trip to Berlin with some dear friends.
    Signed with a moving company (Interdean); they grab and run on 27 May. Whoo-hoo!
    Handling life’s not-so-pleasant duties like filing taxes (Czech on 30 March) and US taxes (15 June for expats).

I’m coming to the end of my 2-month termination work period. Remember that Czech Republic (and I believe every EU country) gives 2 months of continued work after you receive a termination notice. And then 3 months salary on top of that.

Even bigger life changes
My wife and I are going through some big changes now (leaving a beautiful country and friends). I’m not going to sugar-coat it – it’s been tough.
But we’ve also made some even bigger decisions. Decisions more longer-lasting then just moving.
I’ll write more about these in upcoming posts — stay tuned!

Again, more than anything else, we’re making the best use of our remaining time here.


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