Human Need #1: Change

I’m used to Prague already. I’m not “done” with it, not by any stretch.

But I realize that I am used to Prague.
How did I realize that? I spent this past weekend in Berlin, Germany. And it was great.

Why was it great? First, because I spent it with my family, plus another couple of friends and their kids. All good stuff. But for us all, Berlin was great, because it was a change.
We returned to Prague and the elation was gone. (Except for our collective 4 small kids who were pretty damned ready for bed)

Forget food, clothing, and shelter. What we need is change.

For me, CHANGE is:
– the single biggest time-slower
– the single most effective catalyst to appreciate what we got
– the single harshest reality slap

Change is a time-slower, because it forces you stop and focus. With change, auto-pilot gets turned off and you grab the controls. You ask yourself more questions (or you begin asking any questions).

Change helps you appreciate what you got. Depending on the change, maybe you more appreciate what you had; maybe you more appreciate the gain.
In either case, you and I both usually take that change and make it for the better.

And change can be a reality slap. I think we both know this reality slap in one form or another.

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3 thoughts on “Human Need #1: Change”

  1. No doubt, I see our upcoming move as a big change to come for us.

    Wife and I are switching countries, languages, breadwinner roles, plus much more.
    Not to mention the impact on our kids, from switching schools, losing friends, and gaining family time.

    How has it affected us? Stressful. Stress is a natural byproduct of change. But personally, I thrive on stress. I eat it for breakfast and snack on it in the afternoon.

    And, I find change (& stress) makes us suddenly more productive. We build up our to-do lists, and knock ’em down. It’s great. Come change, I feel I get more accomplished in 2 weeks than 2 months.

    Okay, enough of this update. I got a to-do list growing without even touching pen to it.

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