Update to Family Vacation: South It Is

Red, Green, Orange or Yellow?

First of all – Thanks 🙂
In an earlier post, I asked for your help deciding where we should go on our vacation in June.

I created a poll, offering North, East, West and South.
I left it up to you, figuring “hey, why should it be my decision alone?”

Seventeen people voted (okay, 16 plus myself).
Here’s the final tally:
North got 0 votes
East got 4 votes
West got 6 votes
South got 7 votes

So, unlike in the Civil War, the battle was a real squeaker and the South won!

I started a new page with a map to show planning so far.

p.s. What did I vote for? I voted South.

p.p.s. Big Thanks also to SoulTravelers3, who left a couple great, helpful comments.

Thanks again,

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