Vote Where We Go For Vacation

Here’s my situation…
Me and the family will take a long vacation before moving.
We rented a motorhome for the month of June.
We pick up our motorhome in Frankfurt, Germany.

Ah, but where do we go?
That’s the snag. Frankly, we can’t decide. West? South? North?? East???
So, since I so love this blog, I decided to let you pick.

My plan is simple: I make a poll. You vote. We travel.
I set up my very first poll below. It was actually fun to make. 🙂
I also offer a map, sort of, showing our choices. Of course, I’m no artist, so each route is hardly exact, but you get the idea.

Check them out. You vote. That’s it.
The result? Whatever “wins” – we spend the month driving that way for our June vacation.
Really, we will go wherever the winning votes tell us to go. Don’t get too excited, though. It’s not like you’re coming with us or anything, unless you can get here by 1 June.

Oh, one last word. If you’ve got an idea I didn’t mention, or you have an itinerary that you really think we should do, then leave a comment below. Be compelling; I’ll reply to all.

Thanks for your vote. I can’t wait to see where we’re going!


Update: We took the “green” route. 

Red, Green, Orange or Yellow?
Red, Green, Orange or Yellow?

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An American who likes to move around. I now live on the eastern Canadian seaboard. My job? A stay-at-home dad for two cute but demanding bosses. My wife? Also cute; not so demanding. My wife and I both love travel. We met in South Korea, travelled across Australia, India, Europe and beyond. We lived in Czech Republic for four years. Many stories to tell and experience to share. If you let me, I will help you travel as we do. Enjoy.

9 thoughts on “Vote Where We Go For Vacation”

    1. Istanbul? A bit off the map above…but it’s just 2300 km from Frankfurt, through Bulgaria. I think that’s feasible in a couple days. Okay, a vote for the south. Thanks! -Jeff

  1. We have been motorhoming around Europe non-stop since 2006, so have some ideas. Less is more & a month is not really very long, but June is a great month to go. The red line is WAY too much to do in a month.

    You will enjoy it most when stopped,long drives are not fun & takes time to settle in and pack up, thus you do not want to be driving every day.

    So I’d break it down to 4 places a week each. Maybe Cinque Terra, Dubrovnik ( you can take a ferry between Italy & Croatia), Vienna ( or Budapest) and Prague.

    You can easily take daytrips by mass transit/bikes/boats at each of these places and will have time to enjoy each place.

    Good luck & have a ball! ( I have lots of info and campground info for many places on our website).

    1. Thanks soultravelers3! Thank you for your input. I agree the red line seems overly ambitious, especially as its drawn along the coast (read: minor roads).

      We’ve followed your blog for some time. The same season you started your motorhome journey was the same time we moved from the US to Prague, Czech Republic. Your daughter “Mozart” is just a bit older than ours. And since our move here, we’ve got another li’l one. So, this month-long trip will be a new adventure for us, both as travellers and as parents. 😉

      Funny you mention Cinque Terra – that area (& northern Italy in general) has been our target for the first week… That’s IF we end up heading south, according to the votes.


  2. I didn’t know your whole story, but with 2 little ones, you will definitely want to go slower. We like to go about 3 or 4 hour drive max most of the time, but we have gone on a few all day drives ( like from Vienna to Verona if we want to make time like heading back to the sun when it is cold as winter approaches).

    So you don’t need to see lovely Prague! )

    Cinque Terra is a great first stop & we loved the gem we stayed at with almost all Italians. It’s not luxurious like many in Italy, but very convenient. Bring bikes for all of you if you can, even with babyseats if you need them ( we used one with our on busy roads even when she was quite big).

    Venice has FANTASTIC campgrounds, so may be something to consider if you haven’t been as RV’s are probably the best way to go there! Many 5 star resorts with great beaches that ferry over to Venice.

    June is also a fantastic time to see Greece ( but never July or Aug). Not on your list, but perhaps you could add another, because you can take a camper ferry ( stay in your camper) from Venice to Athens, then take the ferry to Santorini. ( The approach is steep, but RV’s bigger than ours & big trucks. buses go up daily) Santorini Camping has a heavenly location & is empty in June. But is far.

    I think your yellow line stretches the time as well. To “vacation” with kids, you want to spend your time parked, not driving/setting up/taking down. Long trips can be done, but 3 oe 4 hours drive on a drive day is about right for max enjoyment, especially with kids.

    Nice, Pont du Gard & St Emilion are great places in France that we loved that are also possibilities. The 5 star Tuscany resort campground should be great in June too.

    The Dubrovnik campsite is a huge resort with beaches, pools, & fantastic kids clubs, plus going to the bay of Kotor for a daytrip is fun.

    Salzburg & Roman Road might be fun if you have not seen them, but I’m thinking further south might be better weather wise even in June.

    Get a map that shows the mountains as that is often the most unpleasant part of our trip, so we try to avoid high mountains. Always make sure you are off the road and parked well before nightfall. Things get much harder after dark ( we keep learning this one the hard way).

    You will have a ball! I tweeted your message! 😉

    1. Fantastic – thank you so much for all the info. As we read, me & my lovely wife are realizing quality and leisure are more important than quantity and speed. Doubtful we’ll head as far south as the Greek islands, but Dubrovnik is well within reach. I should be quiet though, lest I bias results or start jinxing myself. 😉 Thanks again, SoulTravelers3. All the best and I hope the arm will get better, sooner.

    1. Wow, word straight from the King.

      I think quoting the movie Hot Shots is needed:

      Lt. Cmdr. James Block: “What was that all about?”
      Topper Harley: “I… thought I saw Elvis.”
      Lt. Cmdr. James Block: “Let it go, Topper. The King is gone. Let’s head for home.”

      …how perfect is that?
      Thanks Elvis,

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