On Vacation Now – Miss You Guys (Too)

hey all,

Above all, I’m sorry to be away for a couple weeks. I and the family are on our RV vacation since June 1st. Another week or so to go before we return the motorhome and we fly to Halifax, Canada.

I’m in a hotel in Zermatt, Switzerland, borrowing some wireless. The barmaid knows I’m not a guest, but she’s cool with it so long as I keep ordering beers. My wife is putting the kids to bed in our nearby campground.

How’s vacation treating us? In a word: (f’ing) fantastic.

Checking the list of e-mails (all too quickly), I’m smiling at a couple nice notes. Thanks Jen, Joanna, Darrin – I miss you guys, too.

Over a couple beers, I made a video with our vacation pictures so far. I’m a huge movie fan, so I stuck in a couple choice snippets, too, that sort of match the scene. Hope you enjoy it as much as I liked making it.

Hope you all are doing well. Do let me know where you are with your ideas and planning. Above all – the most important thing to do is ACT. Dream all you want, but when it comes time for the rubber to hit the road- ACT.

Take care – CIAO, -jeff

By the way, to SoulTravelers3, I thank you for the advice to visit Cinque Terre. We left that gorgeous area this morning. Stunning!!


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