No Normalcy Yet, But I Can See It From Here

Life is still not normal, but it’s getting so close and I’m getting excited about that!

Today, I’m still living in rural village, 2 hours’ drive from wife’s work.
Still squatting in borrowed family home, across the street from in-laws.
My parents’ are now visiting here for a couple weeks.
My kids only seeing mom on weekends has me feeling like a single parent.

How We Feeling?

All this: the very close in-laws, borrowed home, visiting parents, single-parent lifestyle – all help to peg the needle on my stress meter. Am I handling it okay? Of course not. (It’s called stress for a reason, dammit!)
As a result, both kids and I are long for & miss our Prague friends and lifestyle in a huge way. Prague’s big parks & awesome playgrounds, daily meet-ups with friends, frequent communal programs & adventures to new places. I digress…

I can’t say I’m not trying here. Yesterday, I and the kids took my parents to a blueberry festival. I take my daughter to a storytelling hour at the library offered every 3rd week. We go swimming often. Still…replacing old normalcy with new normalcy takes time.

So, Why’s Today Special?

Today is a special day for the kids and me. Today, we drive down to Dartmouth, to see our new place. Mind you, our new home is nothing grand: a 3-bedroom apartment, converted former military housing. (love describing it that way to people – really sets their impression) But it will be Our Home.
Today will be my kids’ first time seeing their new place, their new bedroom — AND all their stuff from our former home in Prague. Talk about exciting for them!!!
So, Today is the end of our transition period from Prague to Dartmouth.
After my parents leave next week, we will actually move into our new place.
Why are we visiting it today? Tomorrow is when we can register my daughter at her new school. School start next week.

Wife’s work will be close by, so we’ll all live together. One kid in school. One kid will start a bit of daycare. Routine will a part of our vocabulary. Normalcy will begin. (whoa, did I just use “routine” as a positive thing?)

So, you see, the way I see it, normalcy isn’t here, but it’s right around the corner. I can taste it, smell it, almost touch it. Oh, I can’t wait!

Making New Expat Friends

**Total sideline here**
Last week, I met up with Andrew and Alison, a married expat couple living in Belgium. They happened to be visiting family in Pugwash (total small world).
Before last week, I only knew Andrew through his comments on this site like here & here & here. So, it was a cool experience to meet them face to face.
Great meeting you both!

Alison manages a cool website for expats in Belgium. By the way, Alison is obviously also a talented photographer. Check it out for yourself at ACM Photography page.

We shared lunch in a sweet corner cafe in the village downtown. Alison and Andrew also got to meet my wife, kids and my parents, which is pretty cool for me.
They are a super nice couple and obviously in a happy place in their lives. And for me, it was therapeutic to talk to fellow expats.

Again – really cool meeting you Andrew & Alison!

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2 thoughts on “No Normalcy Yet, But I Can See It From Here”

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Great to see you posting again! It was really nice to meet you and your lovely family… it really is such a small world 🙂 They all were wonderful and it was special to also meet your folks at the same time.

    I hope your move is going well and you’ve survived the week of back and forth! I look forward to seeing some photos of the new digs and to see what you (and the kids) think of the ‘big city’. After a summer of living apart I’m sure it will be nice to bring the whole family together again.

    Feel free to drop us a note if you are looking for something to do 🙂


  2. Thanks so much for the mention and the kind comments about CheeseWeb! It was so nice to meet you and your lovely family. I second Andrew’s comment that it is such a small world! When we’re back in the land of the living (well at least the non-jet-lagged) watch out for my post about meeting bloggers abroad 🙂 Good luck with the big move and I can’t wait to read all about the next stage of your adventure!

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