Snickers Doesn’t Satisfy…Everywhere

"Snickers Really Satisfies"  - that's their tagline.

Well, I’m here to tell you that “No.  Not every Snickers.  Not everywhere.

I know this, because Snickers is my favourite.  When I travel, I try it.  And every time I’m surprised – “I’d swear this isn’t like the Snickers I just had … .”

So I had to know.  How different were they?  I did a competition, ran a bit of a tournament for myself.  Today, I’m providing the results to you.

The Snickers Tournament

I faced off Snickers from 8 different countries against each other.

The Round-Up:

A collection of Snickers from these countries:

The Face-Off:

All 8 Snickers bars, see how even size and weight differ?
The Contenders
cut up in unmarked pieces
Taste Testing: Cut Up in Unmarked Pieces

The Rules:

Really simple.  My wife blind-folded me and fed me pieces of Snickers.  She knew where each piece was from, not me.  I was going by taste alone.

She asked me to compare “This one to the next one.”  I drank a bit of water to ‘refresh.’  So, by this, we had ourselves a full blown Snickers tournament!

The  Tourny

We had 8 candy bars.  So we compared two Snickers against each other and each pair had a winner.  We did 3 rounds to get to a single winner.

My wife kept notes of my comments – I’ll share those below.  For now, just follow the chart she made.

Round 1

I eat and eat and eat.  I was in heaven.

Round 2

Judging on this round wasn’t as easy.  And it was more enjoyable.

And the Winner Is …

YES!  Korean Snickers are that incredible.  Thrown against the Snickers of 7 other nations, it beat them all.  ‘Course, it’s about one man’s personal taste.  If you have the chance to eat and compare a few Snickers (or any food), I would love to hear about it.

Some Extraordinary Notes about Certain Snickers

  • If you enjoy the taste of peanuts, have a Snickers.  If you enjoy tasting gallons of peanut oil with every bite, have a Snickers from Belgium.  No thank you.
  • When I sampled the Canadian Snickers, I felt drained, like the farthest from “satisfied.”  It was worse than sleeping with a corpse (I’m assuming).
  • Despite being half a world apart, Czech and Korean Snickers are surprisingly close.  Meanwhile. Czech Snickers are very different from neighbouring Austria.
  • Between Italy and Korea was tough.  But not so, so tough.  The Snickers from Korea won and deservedly so.  It kicked ass.

Snickers Stats

The candy bar Snickers is produced by Mars, Incorporated and brings in over $2 Billion for them.

According to the International Monetary Fund, that’s more than the bottom 15% of the world’s nations.  Wow, that’s satisfying!

The Snickers Facebook page has over 769,000 fans.  Three quarters of a million fans can’t be wrong.

If you visit website, prepare for very interactive (a.k.a. obnoxious) website.

Footnotes and FAQ:

  • Could I really taste I difference?
    Absolutely.  My wife was skeptical – until she tried the top 3 contenders (Italy, Czech and Korea).  She was shocked at how differently they tasted.  By the way, she chose Czech…amateur.
  • Okay, aside from taste, are they all the same?
    No. Different weights (from 52g to 60g), different color (Korea was darkest), different ingredients (or at least, I can read that 21% is not 24% or 27%). Different calorie counts (when given). So…different candy bars.
  • Were some contenders older than the others?
    Fair question.  No.  There was a maximum of two weeks between purchase and tournament for all contenders.
  • Where did the Snickers come from?
    Some were sent from friends living in that country, some from a business trip and some from family.  Yeah, this was a planned event and I’m that organized.  🙂
  • Sorry, but …what’s the best Snickers in the world?
    Korean – absolutely.  Am I saying it’s worth a flight to get one?  Yes, yes I am.

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21 thoughts on “Snickers Doesn’t Satisfy…Everywhere”

    1. hey Bill,

      I must have had one every day for the time we spent there. I’ll never forget our glory days in Sungnam, buddy!


  1. Too fun! I think that’s a great tournament… but now you need to do it with just dark chocolate… no extra ingredients 🙂 Will Belgium win then?

    1. Oh Andrew – no fair! You know others can’t compete with Belgium chocolate.
      But what about the Swiss – don’t they make fine chocolates?
      And Linz …where are they from? Austria? How would they rank?

      Hmmm, I smell another tourny coming. I may have to lean on friends for samples… 🙂

  2. I feel like such a bad snickers fanatic…I’ve had snickers in two dozen countries and never noticed much of a taste difference!! I admit that some weren’t what I had remembered I loved about a snickers but I assumed it was because most of the time they were all melty from the heat…and I figured some were ages old…I had no idea.

    I had a layover in Korea last month and didn’t buy one 🙁

    Eternally sad now…

    1. Shannon – you’ve had a wide range! Hope this post helped for future Snickers.

      ..and there will be another chance to sample Korea’s best. 🙂

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one — I just ate a Snickers here in Sweden and I swear the taste changes in every country. The worst one I had was purchased in Korea, but with the caveat that I checked the label and saw that it was made in China. I have had lots of good Snickers in Korea, but I can’t remember checking the labels on those…too busy eating them.

    Guess their quality control really sucks, haha.

    1. Yup, Aaron, like Shannon, you’re a Snickers fanatic. Congratulations.

      I hope your next time in Korea, you get a true Korean one.

      Thanks for commenting,

  4. This post really satisfied!

    Thank you for your commitment to excellence, your thoroughness and , most of all, your selflessness. =)

    Please tell me your getting a kickback for this. Seriously. You deserve a little love from Mars Corporate.

    1. hahaha! Sorry Kent & Caanan, nope…Mars gives me no lovin’ for all my patronage. (yeah, what’s with that?!?)

      Just imagine if I came home to a crate full of Snickers with a short but sweet note: ‘Thank You, love Mars.” 🙂


  5. My English hubby and in-laws can’t taste a difference in anything. So when I said the English Snickers, the American Snickers and the Holland version all tasted different they said I was “nuts”! Glad to have found your article. Thanks for doing all that gruelling work. 😉

    1. Thank you Regina!
      Tell the hubby and in-laws you are far from “nuts.” You’re a Snickers test-tasting natural. 🙂

  6. I wish i could have taken part in your experiment 🙁 –boo hoo– haha. Anyway, i live in Jamaica & a couple years ago i realized i wasn’t as “satisfied” and happy eating Snickers as i normally was. There was a difference in the bar; it was horrible and my sister agreed. Then i tried a packaging which carried 2 small bars. Finally, this was my Snickers again! Read the labels to find the difference and the former was made in Holland, while the latter was made in USA. | Here comes the contradiction, most of the times when i have Snickers in America it’s awful!

    1. I too live in Jamaica and took to Google to investigate this snicker bar made in Holland, it sure doesn’t taste like what we used to get in previous years….thanks for the info that not all snicker bars are created equal.

  7. We just did Poland:USA (winner: Poland) and had no idea we had to keep branching out across the globe, thanks!

    1. Thank You – you made my day! 🙂
      I can’t believe there are other people other there, taste-testing Snickers. You rock!!

  8. Lucky that you didn’t taste the Indian Snickers! Those are just awful (mild plastic smell??!). But nevertheless I love snickers minis, which are usually brought by my friends.

    1. Haha! – thanks Parach
      Despite the warning, I’d love to try an Indian Snickers someday. Gotta compare all I can, right?

      Thanks again, fellow Snickers lover

  9. Hello Jeff,

    I was eating a snickers (in Italy) and thought to myself these seem to taste better than the ones I used to eat in Canada ( I am Canadian, living in Italy)… and you just confirmed it as well.
    Can you explain better what it is that makes Korean Snickers taste better?

  10. How come you didn’t try American(?, lol, sounds funny) Snickers. I think the one from Korea is manufactured in China.

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