Foopie Lives In Hiding

“Oh Fac” rhymes with “Oh Tack”  That’s how you pronounce the acronym OFAC, or the Office of Foreign Asset Control.

OFAC is the US Treasury Department’s special branch to answer “Who’s Your (Terrorist) Daddy?”  The OFAC has just published their most recent list of terrorists.  (Sorry, suspected terrorists; it’s easy to get caught up in the Salem-esque witch hunt fervour.)  In their 522-page report (yes, over five hundred pages, in very small print), they list the names, aliases and other associated infobits like passport numbers or birthplaces.

Take Mr. Khalfan here.  He’s got about a dozen aliases, birthdays and even the cutest nickname I’ve seen in a long time, Foopie.  Now, while Foopie was born in the same place as rock legend Freddie Mercury — Zanzibar, Tanzania, that’s all that Foopie and Freddie share in common.

NOTE: Don’t go searching to find your name – it’s not here.  It’s not on this list.  With proper emphasis, it’s not on this list.

No, this is the list of foreign terrorists (hence the “F” in OFAC), not suspected Americans.  Let me know if you find the list with a “Parker” or “Smith” in it.

What do you think of all this?

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