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As of today (late last night), there’s a new page on this blog.  Look up and see “Getting You Abroad — Hire Me

That’s right, I’m going “pro” with this passion of mine.  I made the leap from motivating people about life overseas, to offering people straight talk on how to do it.  But I had quick doubts …am I qualified?  What should I offer?  And how?


When considering this consulting gig, I wondered “Am I qualified?”
I lived in or worked in about a dozen countries.  Vacationed or toured another 20.  Okay, I feel I’m qualified.

Am I qualified to motivate others about it?  After 3 years of this blog, and answering countless e-mails, yes, I feel ready to charge.

The Offer: Simple Consulting

An one hour chat between me and the person.  Will it answer all your questions?  Probably not, but 1 hour should answer a ton of questions.  More importantly, I believe 100% that ‘our little chat’ will do more to motivate and stir you to act than any other 1 hour could.

Plus, I thought about how more tailored our chat will be.  Much of my writing has a certain person in mind, but I know when talking to someone, the “helpfulness factor” skyrockets as the conversation moves along.  Further, I understand more of what that particular person needs.

Bottom Line: The core benefit is you save time, money and unnecessary mistakes along the way.  While do I believe mistakes are a valuable part of life, whenever I can share my experience and lessons to better your life —All the Better!

How much?

I am beginning at $100 for our hour long conversation.  Yes, $100 is not small money, but imagine yourself 6 months from now, at the very same spot you were 6 months ago.

Spending the $100 now won’t cause you pain in 6 months, but if we don’t talk, you may regret that more.  (just a hunch from what I’ve heard from others)

How to Be The One

It’s easy: visit here, and click the button.  We schedule the best time to talk on the phone or a Skype video call – however you’re most comfortable.

time to consult

Charging people for something I love was a big leap for me.  (Hell, it took me 3 years)  But in a way, I really feel that a person will be more serious, more likely to follow through on their dream when they’ve committed a bit of coin to it.

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An American who likes to move around. I now live on the eastern Canadian seaboard. My job? A stay-at-home dad for two cute but demanding bosses. My wife? Also cute; not so demanding. My wife and I both love travel. We met in South Korea, travelled across Australia, India, Europe and beyond. We lived in Czech Republic for four years. Many stories to tell and experience to share. If you let me, I will help you travel as we do. Enjoy.

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