How To Start Your Own Country


Make Your Own Country and Live There!

Brainstorming time.  What do we need?  There are lots of options, but we’ll start with the 3 basics: Land, People, and Government.  (do we even need that last one?  We’ll see…)


land is yoursYou need a place to plant your feet. And your flag.

This could be a continent (but I think they’re all spoken for), or a peninsula, or an island.  If you’re going ultra-cheap, a raft and anchor works.

You need land for obvious reasons: you need a tree or two for your hammock, a vegetable garden for eats, and depending how likeable you are, you might like a wall.  Yup, you need land.

Where to get:

Going with islands, there are plenty for sale.  Yes, some cost millions, but some are actually affordable.  Here are a few examples:

#1: Dokis Marina Island, Ontario, Canada

Nestled in beautiful Ontario, Canada.  Cost: $225,000.  Sure, at half an acre, it’s small.  But it comes with a house, and a 19′ boat.  Best of all, the detached cabin can sleep 4 of your closest friends (who happened to drop by).   More info here

#2: King’s Island, Denmark

It’s a fortress & artificial island.  Cost: $12,000,000.  17 acres with 200 room estate.  Complete with dual Hawk missile defence.

Best of all, it’s located 15 minutes between Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmö, Sweden (2 of my favourite cities).  More info here

Kings Island


#3: Isla Gatun, Panama

It’s 3/4 acre large island in a manmade lake.  Cost: $30,000. (WOW!)  No house, but construction possible.  Complete with cellphone coverage from mainland Panama.

Best of all, it’s … $30,000.  More info here

If you want to try “shopping” for your own island, try HERE (islands for under $250,000)


we the peopleMost important thing for a country, second to its land: citizens.  Odds are, you’re starting with a population of 1: you.

But is that enough?  If you’d like company, convince your spouse or buddy to share the “founding father” duty.

Before you know it, you’re building up your new country’s credibility with cool stats like Birth Rate and Immigration!



The law of the land.  Maybe this isn’t a positive thought… maybe your old government made you want to get out and start a new country.  But whatever the case, having some ground rules is necessary.  At least, that’s what the United Nations says is needed before you apply for sovereign nation status.

The easiest way is to assume you’re a libertarian (small government & personal liberties are a good thing).  You’ll want to rule very simply and leave everything to its inhabitants.  But wait, both the Gov and the inhabitants are one ….you.  Cool!  Done.

What are you waiting for?   Get out there and grab your land!  Here’s a shopping list

Optional other stuff

You got land, people and government taken care of.  What else is there?  Oh, you want to invade someone?  And someone to loan you money for it?  Well, let’s keep going…


Not necessary for everyone, but helps if you’re a dominatrix or you like entangling alliances.

Side note facts: About 15 countries, or 7% of the world’s nations have no military.

Another 6 or so have no standing army, but some sort of national police/defence presence.

A prime example of a country that feels no need is Costa Rica.  If they can swing it, why can’t you?


coconut tradeYour new country might have natural resources, like wood, fresh water or coconuts.  You laugh, but there are a lot of countries out there that don’t have coconuts.  If they want to buy yours.  How do you handle that?  That’s your industry.

And you can earn money from your own personal skills.  Maybe you’re a great writer, singer, cabinet maker, coconut husker, or whatever.

Given your valuable skill or natural resource, you just need to find a market for it and make payment simple — those are the 3 essential steps to a startup, according to Chris Guillebeau in his recent book “The $100 Startup.”



Okay, this is a tough call to even touch on.  However you decide, I only suggest you back up your currency against something of true value, e.g. gold, silver, …coconuts.

When you start declaring your currency as “legal tender, because we say so!” …well, you’re no better than the guys you left.  (see fiat money)

Bottom Line

You know, all this talk about making your own country…. it’s not really necessary.  You can bet there’s already a country out there that’s just like you would do it.  It may be easier to just move there!

Go on out there… try them out!


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If you think I’m missing a key ingredient (or have too many), let me know.  If you have a buddy you’d like to come with, send this their way.

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  1. I don’t have enough money for your consultation , i would like to move but i can’t afford for your help it’s too expensive for my pockets and i don’t want to say i want it free but thank you anyway you helped me in a way !

    1. No worries, Raul. Outside of the consultation, my first advice would be to read through the blog, make some key decisions and deadlines toward moving. Finally, take a hard look at finances and possible areas for saving. And then, perhaps you and I will be working together to get you hired abroad.

      best and thank you,

      1. You know , i’m just a student yet and i want to move to Vienna i have talk with my mom but she needs a job before going there , it’s safer in that way but i don’t know how could i find a job for her and then move in Vienna!

        1. Does your mom absolutely need a job from an employer in Vienna, or can she…
          b) work for herself while living in Vienna?
          c) work remotely (in Vienna) for her current employer?

        2. Raul,

          I also want to mention that Vienna is an option for you as a student. Have you looked into study abroad programs in your university (or partner universities)?

    1. Raul, I had to delete your comment with your phone number and personal e-mail. I don’t think you really want that on here for everyone, right? 🙂

      As for me not knowing the whole problem, the whole story, I do understand that everyone’s situation is different. And that’s makes it hard to help in general advice.
      That’s why I now charge for consultation – the conversation quickly turns specific and personal (and extra helpful).


  2. So , look , I’m a highschool student , i’m from Romania , Simleu City , a country without future , i mean all i want is to live in Vienna a better city , a better country , i want to move there , but that’s the problem my mom needs a job and then a rent house , she doesn’t know german yet , but she’ll learn i know german a little but i will learn as well , Romania is the meaning of all low quality things you can’t do nothing in this country you know my mom’s salary , 180 euro per motnh and my father has it lower.Please if you could help me with something for my wish comes true , Thank you .

    1. I love it Michelle! I completely hear you about having a li’l cabin getaway – (must be wired!) 🙂

      Thank you for your comment – I’m a big fan of The American Resident myself!


  3. Hey Jeff. Thanks heaps for your blog. A few mates of mine have been toying with the idea of buying up a deserted island and creating our own micro nation since the Australian and British government a screwing us royaly. If we ever go through with this awesome idea, feel freeto join us xx

  4. almost did island thing in 97 in bc canada but real estate consultant bought asap,from 400k to 4mil-ahole/need more advice re inland islands for sustainable biz model-off grid,own currency-barter system.etc.confidential.pls advise thx

  5. Thank you for the information about the islands. Now that I have found a prospective island to purchase, I can now begin preparing more extensively for the founding of my country, Emiris. I have already developed a language (it only took about an hour on the last day of sophomore Spanish 2), a currency system (cats), a government system (Dictatorship, however some may call it a theocracy as we worship the Trinity: Dequa, Squa, and *nasal screeching*), a military system (the Nooka de NookNook’s extensive twerking skills as well as genetically modified squirrels developed by our highly skilled military technician Jessica, commandeered by General SquirrelShart), a healthcare system consisting of no benefits for the peasants besides the underground city of Sirime, developed by our slightly incompetent but well-loved Encwenches. The only actual practiced medicine is performed by our witch-doctor, *nasal screeching*, who is also the Queen and priest. Our industry does not rely on trade from foreign nations. Our country is completely self-sufficient and in case of emergency our population can evacuate to the welded-together cruise ships that house the elderly as well. I already have several dozen high school students and teachers who are completely on-board with my mission as prospective citizens. Notably Seaquaqua, the elderly brother of Mequo, also known as the Nooka. Seaquaqua is our Beyoncé.
    Crooten for listening, quintorkinski.

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