Romney Big in Pakistan. All Else = Obama.

In just 2 weeks, all this election bullshit will be over.  For god’s sake, I’m so sick of hearing about it, I would rather sleep through the next weeks.

What I can’t stand the most, is how “close” these candidates have been throughout the whole process.  Unfortunately, those in charge (whoever they are) will forever only offer you 2 choices.  So, it’s truly a decision to choose the lesser of 2 evils.

But, really, why so close?  Ever wonder what people actually see in Romney?  Do people simply follow their favourite party, no matter what?

Ever wonder…what does the rest of the world think?  What about the entire world (for any non-travelers, I mean all those countries outside the USA’s borders)?  If the rest of the world voted, Romney could kiss any dream of being elected bye-bye.

what if the world voted

Notice just ONE COUNTRY LIKES ROMNEY (ever so slight more) over Obama: Pakistan.

Pakistan… why?

I’m not sure why Pakistan.  If anyone out there can explain it to me, I’d love to hear why.



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4 thoughts on “Romney Big in Pakistan. All Else = Obama.”

  1. There isa camel in the tent that all candidates and the media stsdiouuly avoided.We are supposedly at war’ with the Taliban and Al- Quaida. Also on the terrorist list are Hezbollah, and the Gazan Palestinians. We are in active support of the Phillipine government against their crop of insurgents. Add actions in Somalia and Yemen to the list.All of the above have one thing in common, Islam. It is not just a shooting’ war, our homegrown Islamic moderates’ are actively trying to instill Sharia Law into our court system as well.And yet Obama has the gall to say We are not at war with Islam’. Perhaps. But he neglected to complete that sentence, for Islam is at war with us and ALL western civilization.The first rule of warfare is to identify your enemy, and that is what few will do. We won a war with Nazi Germany. We won a war with Japan. Those wars had identifiable endings, and both Germany and Japan are now listed as valued friends. We won’ a war with Soviet communism, or if not won’, it has been effectively contained to the point that it is no longer an immediate threat.When will we understand that there is a war’ that has been going on, without end, for 1400 years. When will we understand the meaning of taqqiyah’ and hudna’?

  2. I’m from Pakistan and there is no specific reason why Pakistanis voted for Romeney, people here don’t even know who is he. People just wanted a change, because in Obama’s government thousands of Pakistan citizens died with drone attacks. I’m not good at English, I hope you get what I said. You can ask more people from Pakistan and the answer will be the same.

    1. Sam – thank you for your note. I am very happy you wrote me a comment.

      Thank you for your thoughts. I agree how horrible the drone attacks are in Pakistan. Unfortunately, I believe that Romney’s government would be even more aggressive in its attacks throughout the world.

      And I think your English is great. 🙂


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