Live Overseas, but Browse in the US

How to Fix: “Wait! Where Did My Netflix Selection Go??

Did you recently move overseas and find your Netflix account selection suddenly sucking?

If you keep a Netflix account active after you moved overseas, then you probably notice the content now isn’t what it used to be. This is because you moved.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Where Your Computer Is, Matters

Before I share how to fix this problem, I’ll educate you why this is a problem. While your computer browses the Internet, publishes blog posts, or watches Netflix movies, the sites you visit are well aware of your whereabouts.  Yes, technical details and privacy aside, even though you may be “location independent,” your Internet surfing is very location-specific.  (Else, how do the movies know how to find their way back to your computer?)

Browse to CNN and you’ll see location-specific news.  Browse to Hulu and, unless you’re in the USA, you’ll find little to watch there.

Most of the time, you don’t see a difference.  For sites offering copyright-protected content like film clips, TV shows and Netflix, your location makes all the difference.

Where Your VPN Service Is, Matters More

To see what those people in the US see, those websites must believe your computer is in the US.  For that, you need a VPN service.

If you’re in the UK or the Netherlands, your computer can appear like it’s in the US.  To do so, use a UK vpn or NL vpn.

The way I fixed this was to use a company called CactusVPN.


Good luck, and good browsing.

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    1. Thanks Mike — excellent addition. I checked out HideMyAss’ ProVPN as well, but found it be roughly same quality, but more expensive.

      I didn’t mention, but should have added, using any VPN will make the connection appear to run slower. It’s more accurate to say there’s simply less room on the connection for the data we care about since the VPN must take some bandwidth to operate. Using a sandwich analogy, the VPN adds a bigger bun, leaving less room for the good stuff.
      Mike, you’re a techie, so that’s too simplified for you! 🙂 But I should have added it to the original post.


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