Deciding to Sell Foreign Property ….Now What?

If you didn’t learn already from past posts, we used to live in Prague.  When we moved to Canada (about 2 1/2 years ago), we decided to keep our flat in Prague until a better, “easier” time to sell.  And now that time has come.  When we left 2-3 years ago, we felt it was better financially (and emotionally) to keep our flat and rent it long-term.  By the way, we tried a few months of short-term rentals, but it was too hectic, and we even crossed paths with a scammer or two.  After those first few months, we found a young family that proved to be wonderful tenants.  They stayed for over 2 years, but now they long to buy their own place, so they’re soon to move out.  At last, the Big Decision snuck up on us.  Remembering the Decision Guide in “Ship, store or sell” (on the largest scale!), we decided to sell.

I went to the whiteboard in my office and quickly started scribbling To-Do lists around who to contact first, how to prepare the place for market, and how to approach handover.  Dealing with utilities, agents, banks and lawyers will all come into play soon enough.

This isn’t a how-to post or even a real informative one.  I’m just sharing that this big decision is upon us, and we’re (yet again) tackling totally new ground.  If your stomach gets queasy just reading this, you can appreciate the gymnastics my stomach is performing, too.

If you have any consoling or uplifting words, please share them with me.  Believe me, I’m needing it.




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  1. Good luck! It’s a hard thing to let go, but then it will be one less piece you have to worry about. 🙂 And I recommend you use wine to treat the symptoms!

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