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    1. hey Angela, sorry for such a late reply on this.
      First, I have to protect myself with the disclaimer that I’m not a financial planner or tax expert. Done.
      So, my short answer is no. If you were already an expat, qualified to exempt your income (330+ days abroad). then the following year of 137 days out would be calculated to exempt part of your income (yes, a partial tax exemption).
      But I think you’re asking does 137 days out qualify you as a first year expat? No.
      That said, ask your favourite tax guy/gal for an expert second opinion.

      Cheers – Jeff

  1. Jeff, I really want to become an expat, but I’m a felon. Is that gonna stop me from achieving this? I really just want to live my life and be left alone. Any info on this would be helpful.
    Thank you,

    1. hey Woody,
      Great question. Being a felon does rule you out of a few countries, but definitely not all.

      Short answer is, many countries don’t ask for a criminal record/history to establish residency. Those countries are the ones you want. And some countries even make a special consideration if the felony charge wouldn’t be a threat to them/their people.
      And even some, example Cambodia, have a funny loophole, where ex-felons can file for residency from *within* the country, but not from outside.

      Anyway, don’t let a past mistake condemn your future! I’m assuming you’re US citizen. You’ve got a lot of better potential somewhere else with that blemish on your record.


  2. Hello
    I have an issue in my hand. I was born in the US but never ever lived there. I always lived abroad. I am still a current masters student abroad but im also working full time as my masters is part time. I get a salary from my work of course which resides in Dubai. I was sent for training to the US for 3 months this year and I was paid by my company in Dubai and the money was in my Dubai bank account as always has been. I did not get paid by any company in the US. Now, do I have to pay full income tax to the US for all the year I spent working in Dubai because I spent more than 35 days in the US? or Only for the 3 months I was in the US, or nothing at all? My annual salary is only $40,000 and I have 0 savings as I spend it all on my life here as rent and so on is expensive!!

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