Review of the Bellroy Travel Wallet

I just got my new wallet from Bellroy a few days ago. (Spoiler: This is one nice, fucking wallet!)


If I may, let me share a paragraph or two about how I found this wallet.

I’m watching some video when I see an ad. The ad is for a “Bellroy Travel Wallet.” Well, being your ExpatYourself guy, I’m now intrigued. And I did something I never do: I clicked on the ad.

The ad jumps to Bellroy’s website page, all about their Travel Wallet. I watch that video and I’m now more than intrigued. I’m in love. So in love, in fact, that I did something else I never do: I write a personal note to a company, asking “Can I please…?”

And so, in 10 minutes, I did two things I’d never done, and I’m feeling sorta sheepish, but excited. After some e-mail exchange, I wait. Sure enough, my wallet arrives. And it is Pure Awesomeness.

Yes, it’s a gorgeous wallet. But I also tested how it functions. Below you can read I tested it with 2 passports and 5 currencies. Update: let’s add a mini-contest…if you can figure out all 5 currencies I used, I’ll select one money “at random” and mail it to you!


More About the Travel Wallet…and Bellroy


Bellroy is a premier wallet maker out of the Australia. From a look at their website, Bellroy offers 10 different wallets, each catering to a specific purpose or person. No, the wallets are not cheap. And the look and feel are the farthest things from cheap, too.

From Bellroy’s About Us page, I get the feeling these guys used to work for big league wallet companies, and felt stifled. To revolutionize, to craft designs from scratch, they started Bellroy.

The Travel Wallet

There are actually 7 spots for cards: four slots clearly visible as you open it, and another 3 semi-hidden slots where your bills go. Those 3 inside spots are snug and will hold 1 card each, while the four slots can hold 1-2 cards each. All told, I put my 9 cards in and didn’t feel it was stressed.

The pen. My first question was “Who would want a …?” Oh, yeah, me. Too many times I’ve been seated and needed a pen for some form. I procrastinate because I don’t want to get up into overhead cargo just for a pen. Instead I’ll kindly wait to ask my seat mate for his. Never again with this wallet – I’ll have that pen now.

So, the wallet looks, feels (and smells) great. But can it pack well?

So, my test… I told my new, hungry Bellroy to get ready.  It turns out, the wallet handled them all easily. Folded with no effort, making it as functional as it is full of form.

I used 2 passports and 5 currencies and it folds with no effort. Hey, here’s a mini-contest…if you can figure out all 5 monies, I’ll select one “at random” and mail it to you.

hungry bellroy

Sleeve for Your Passport (or Two)

Part of this wallet’s coolness is its passport sleeve. A standard passport fits very comfortably, even if yours has extra pages. Since all passports are a standard size, it’s a smart design feature for all.

Now, there are a few folks out there who own 2 passports. Well, I tried and the wallet accepted. Both fit well, one per side. A passport’s height and width are less than either of the wallet’s sides with just enough room for the wallet to stay folded naturally.

Five Currencies (Guess them in the comments!)

Having passports isn’t enough. We need money. And when travelling, you can end up with a lot of different money. I stuffed my wallet with five different currencies, including the biggest one I could find. Again, I tried, and wallet accepted it all graciously. I’m shocked, stunned and amazed at this thing. (And I can’t stop smelling it — I mean, it’s a really nice smell)

Back on track, you see the five currencies I used. I put all of these right behind the passports and tried closing the wallet. Bam – hardly an effort really. Now that I think of it, I think the little pen also serves to guide the wallet to fold, like some inside backbone. I’d say it’s a cool design, but I think I’ve said that enough.

Oh, and again, the first person who leaves a comment correctly identifying all five currencies, will win one of the piles. And no, you can’t pick which pile! LOL  🙂

Stuffed But Not Fat

The travel wallet lives up to its purpose very well.

stuffed belroy

Concluding Statements

I mentioned it above and I’ll say it again, this wallet is super nice. I know, you’re asking “How good could a wallet possibly get?”  I would ask the same question, until I got this one. I can’t help but giggle that I actually own one of these guys.

If your wallet is feeling (& looking) a bit overfilled, then I seriously encourage you to take a look at their page. Yes, prepare to pay more than your average Walmart special, but this wallet is far from average. And I promise, once you have your own Bellroy wallet, you’ll show it off to your friends as I am here.

This is a real work of art. Don’t take my word for it – look at Twitter’s steady stream of people just gushing about their own.


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12 thoughts on “Review of the Bellroy Travel Wallet”

  1. Might have to look into getting one of these!
    US Dollar
    Canadian Dollar
    Czech Republic Koruna
    Iraqi Dinar

    1. Nice going, Michael – You won!

      How did you identify the Iraqi dinar? I can see the dollars and euros. The Czech crowns may take some zooming-in, but how did you figure out the dinar? 🙂

      You rock, Michael. That’s too cool.

      If you like, send me your mailing address to and I’ll ship some cash your way. I may even throw in some extra foreign money I didn’t picture here (I’m weening down my collection).


      1. D@rn, I didn’t read this post earlier! 🙁 I could’ve had a chance of winning as well.

        For the Iraqi dinar, for me it’s the photo of Saddam Hussein that gave it away.

  2. I just bought myself one of these… I agree with what you said.
    I thought that Bellroy was Australian?

    1. Nat – Thanks!

      Yes, they’re Australian. Damn, if I didn’t label them American just because they’re so great (a pretty stereotypical American thing for me to do!).

      Thanks for the catch. If you e-mail me your mailing address, I’ll send you some foreign money, too. 🙂
      Send to:

  3. Just wondering if Euros fit in this wallet like the €100 without crushing? My last “aussie” wallet did not. Thanks.

    1. Jamie,

      You bring up a great point. Many people don’t realize that euro notes increase with size as their denomination gets bigger.

      Well, I’m here to tell you the €100 fits very easily in this wallet.

      In fact – €20 notes take up just one side of the wallet. The €50-€200 notes easily fit and fold with the wallet nicely.
      All € notes are not too “tall”.

      Yup, no worries with this Aussie wallet.


  4. I would carry it with my carry on bag so I could easily get through security. Then it would spend most of my time in the suitcase/safe while I am out with my smaller wallet.

  5. Good Review!

    Just one question, I do travel but not very often, just wanted to know if you think I could use this as my everyday wallet. Or this is a wallet you want to onluy use while traveling.

    1. Great question, Jim.

      I do LOVE this wallet and enjoyed reviewing it.
      Because I loved it so, I tried using it as an everyday one. Didn’t work for me. It’s just too much wallet for what I need for everyday, stay-at-home-dad, running around.
      So, I ordered their “Hide & Seek” wallet for my all-purpose one. This one is every bit the same quality, but smaller and slimmer when packed.

      Obviously, for travels, I carry this Travel model with pride. It’s the best travel wallet out there, but it’s not an everyday wallet.

      Hope that helps. Cheers,

  6. Do you have a photo showing how you get two passports to fit? Been searching for a nice passport wallet for years, I have loved this one since i first saw it (I useed a bellroy day to day)but i have always thought it would only fit one

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