Dear NSA Analyst…

By now, you already know the NSA listens to your phone calls, reads your e-mails and texts. Whether its only the “meta-data” or the deep details is irrelevant. Whether the monitoring is legal or illegal is irrelevant. Privacy means it’s between you, someone else, and a NSA analyst.

Operation Bonnie

[Queue the¬†Bonnie Raitt song, “Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About”.]

I hope to make at least one of the thousands of NSA listeners smile, laugh, cry (any emotion would be good), or otherwise question their part in this. If you’re an NSA analyst, write a comment to let us know you like that song more now.

Dear NSA Analyst, I didn’t mean what I said, last week. You know, the thing about, you know…

Dear NSA Analyst, rewind one hour or so. Did my wife say whole or 2%?

Dear NSA Analyst, I hope as you read this, you realize it’s a complete waste of time. You’ll never get this time back.

Dear NSA Analyst, I do. {*smiles*}

Dear NSA Analyst, I’m naked as I type this. My hands are tied. Yours don’t have to be.

Dear NSA Analyst, your bosses originally needed a warrant for this kind of stuff. Not anymore. Good luck with your own privacy.


Dear NSA Analyst, you can contribute if you like. If your work break allows you to use Twitter, then just include the hashtag #dearNSA


Share this with your friends. Send a quick Twitter message with #dearNSA and get the ball rolling. If I find some great ones, I might just tack them on the list above.

Listen to you later,



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  1. Love the Bonnie Raitt song. Unfortunately my life is so dull… (How dull is it, Don?) The traffic sensitive traffic light in my town never has to change.

    1. You’re pretty funny, Don! I’ve been reading your blog and you have a great way with words. Keep up the blogging!

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