Learn the First 2000 Words of a Language

Okay, I often hear people say “How can I move to that country? I don’t know any of the language!

Well, even though learning the language is not necessary to move there, here is some help to get you started on learning that language.

How much can you learn? How about the first 2000 words?

What good is the first 2000 words? Well, actually, pretty great. In fact, it’s said that you can master just the most common 2000 words, you can survive 80% of casual conversations.

And even if this doesn’t make you a polyglot, it might just motivate you to move there for some face-to-face practice!  🙂



Technical Details: this spreadsheet actually uses a nifty Google docs-xcel function called “=GoogleTranslate(Cell, “en”,”XX”)”

If you guessed that dynamically translates the word from one cell (English) to another cell (language XX of your choice), then you’re right. Pretty cool, huh?


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