What’s It Like to Drop Everything and Just Go?

We didn’t drop exactly everything. We kept our 11-month old daughter. πŸ™‚

But we did drop 2 high-paying jobs, a new home and our former lives in the US. For that, we become expats (sight-unseen) in Prague, Czech Republic. There we lived for 4 years. We bought there a new home (flat), had our 2nd child and made many great memories and friends.

After 4 years in Prague, we did the same, moving to the Canadian eastern seaboard. Been here now 3 years.

I’d say, to “drop everything” and move somewhere is like jumping into a colder-than-expected pool. It’s shocking and reinvigorating at the same time. And while you might regret the first second after the “jump,” you soon realize you would have regretted it much more if you hadn’t jumped in the first place.


Don’t continue on the path of eventual regret.

Jump. If by no other way, just jump.

If you need help, Jeff’s here.

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An American who likes to move around. I now live on the eastern Canadian seaboard. My job? A stay-at-home dad for two cute but demanding bosses. My wife? Also cute; not so demanding. My wife and I both love travel. We met in South Korea, travelled across Australia, India, Europe and beyond. We lived in Czech Republic for four years. Many stories to tell and experience to share. If you let me, I will help you travel as we do. Enjoy.

5 thoughts on “What’s It Like to Drop Everything and Just Go?”

  1. Dropping everything and going is very freeing. We did get a funded move when we moved from Oregon to Philippines, but the move to Malaysia in 2011 and our recent move to San Francisco were unfunded. All we took with us was what we could check as airline baggage.

    The one thing that’s making it harder now is that it gets disruptive to my kids to change schools. We are thinking of sticking around the Bay area for a while as long as the tech money is flowing. But I won’t hesitate to do it again if things change.

  2. Hello! Thank you for the advice. I am 35 and just thinking of dropping everything and moving to Italy for a job opportunity and all around life shake-up. It’s terrifying but I am certain I should. Your post was short and sweet. Thank you ~ Erika πŸ™‚

    1. Erika,

      If you have a job opportunity to go to… especially in Italy?!… then by all means, GO!

      I’m practically yelling at my screen right now: GO Erika! If you have the opportunity to go, then go. If you can reside and work there, even for a short while, you won’t regret it. (Years from now you’ll wish you had.) Don’t get concerned about details. Decide already.

      Believe me, there are tons of people who visit this site, and write me, dreaming of such a chance. Don’t pass it by.

      You’re welcome and I hope to hear from you again.


    2. What Jeff said!!! Just go!!! As you can see from my comment above it worked out for me, family and all. We have no regrets. We are now talking about moving to Spain in 2016 or 2017 πŸ™‚ Or maybe Chile. We’ll see.

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