3 Examples How Travelling Changes Boring into Kick-Ass

On my blog, I only seek to inspire you to travel. That’s my purpose. To inspire you to push the comfort zone, explore the great world around you, and seek your own adventure.

Here are 3 examples of how 3 guys, Matt, Alex and Miguel, used travel to turn their normal thing into something kick-ass…

Why do I want to inspire you to travel? Because I know the mere act of travelling can make anything better.

That’s the simple truth. It’s not what you ate, what you took pictures of, the new stamps in your passport, or even how much/many/high/deep you got while there. It was the act of going to do that thing.

You went, did {XYZ}, and then came back. Wow, that XYZ was pretty freakin’ cool!

Just “Going” makes something mundane (or even boring) into something KICK-ASS.

Don’t believe me? Check out a few examples:

Example 1: Dancing and Travel. Meet Matt Harding

No one in the world is calling Matt Harding a good dancer. Why? Because he dances like an idiot. (Sorry, Matt, but it’s true.)

So, why did 46 million (yes, 46 million) people watch Matt dance? Matt makes his dancing awesome because he’s dancing all over the world.

By now, you might realize you’ve already seen this guy. Yup, he’s Matt of “Where the Hell is Matt?” fame (Wiki link).

Much more about Matt and his ventures on his own website “Where the Hell is Matt?

Example 2: Riding a Motorcycle and Travel. Meet Alex Chacón

Alex can ride a motorcycle. That’s nice. So can 9 millions other people in the US.

So why does the world love to watch Alex ride his motorcycle? Because he’s riding it from the northern tip of Alaska down to the southern tip of South America. No, really, Alex covers over 80,000 miles … in one journey. Alex rode 500+ days, covering 22 countries. A truly incredible feat.

Alex makes riding a motorcycle awesome because he turns it an adventure. More can be found on his Expedition South website.

Example 3: Barbering and Travel. Meet Miguel Gutierrez

Okay, I’m cheating a bit with this one since Miguel is a professional barber with over 10 years experience. Recently, Miguel became an an award-winning barber. (& I’ll bet it was cut-throat competition! …sorry, I had to.)

But only recently he’s taken it to a whole other level by combining travel. Meet The Nomad Barber. Now, as the self-titled “nomad barber” describes it, he travels across continents to “meet up with other barbers and cut hair in awesome places.”

I have to laugh, because this guy just proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can combine travel with ANYTHING, and become cool. Miguel, I tip my hat to you, good sir!


Have you heard of other examples like these? If so, let us know in the comments. And I’ll certainly add it onto this post.


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