Holy Winter in Nova Scotia, Canada!

Whether you’re American thinking in Fahrenheit, or Canadian thinking in Celsius, it’s COLD here.

The temperature outside our house is now -15 (C). With the wind, we’re well past twenty below zero. (Dude, that’s cold.)

I’m no outdoorsman, not an Inuit, nor am I fond of cold in general. In fact, if I can share, I’m daydreaming of a toasty beach chair and a cool tropical drink with one of those little paper umbrellas.

Instead, I look outside and I see blustery, blowing snow. Here in Nova Scotia, the weatherman gave us a blizzard warning as well as a blowing snow warning in effect. What does that mean?

My wife’s workplace closed their doors, due to the extreme weather, alerting all employees to stay home. That’s a first since we’ve been here.

My kids are home from school still on holiday break, but they won’t be going outside today.

If you happen to live in a warmer climate, share with me what you’re doing today. Let me know you’re enjoying the outside. And if you happen to have a beach chair and one of those tropical drinks, can you send a picture? hahaha

It's COLD!
It’s COLD!

Cheers all and hope you enjoy your day however you can!

Now, is it making the news as such a big deal as the dreaded “Polar Vortex”? Well, no. But I still say it’s freakin’ cold.  LOL

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