Thirteen Years of National Emergency

Heard the News?

Just in case you missed the news, US President Obama quietly extended the country’s status of national emergency. I’m guessing you missed that bit of news. Though, you probably didn’t miss the fact the year is now 2014.

I know what you’re thinking… it’s 2014, and the terrorist attack which killed nearly 3000 people on September 11, 2001 happened in 2001. That’s like …13 years ago. Yup, 13 years. Yup, the US, the most (insert here: powerful/wealthy/nuclear-tipped/war faring/inch-measuring) country in the world, still running scared in a state of national “Oh GAWD, the sky is falling!” emergency.

It's a trap!

Thirteen Years. Seriously?

Do you know what you were doing during the attack? For millions of Americans, it’s the annual conversation-starter question, if ever there was one.

Do you remember where you were?

I do, with coital pleasure. My new wife and I were on our honeymoon, in Greece. During that fateful September 11th morning in the States, my wife and I were finally staggering out of bed, already afternoon on the Greek isle of Naxos. As it turns out, the no-flying ban forced us to extend our honeymoon. (“Say it ain’t so!”)

But seriously, after so long, why should the US stay hunkered down, in a government-sanctioned panic? Doesn’t anyone question that? The “National Emergency” officially status started September 14, 2001. After 13 years, does American need to stay officially scared?

Back on the Saddle, Bitch!

Last summer, I taught my six-year old son how to ride his bike. Naturally, he fell down a few times. Okay, plenty of times. Did I, as his loving, protective father, say “No, no, son, falling off hurts. And if you get back on, you’ll only fall down again.” No. No, I screamed in my best Aaron Paul voice, “Get back on that saddle, bitch!

Okay, that’s not true. Funny, but not true. But my point’s pretty clear, right? If a single six-year old can be that resilient, why not the world’s #1 nation? (Question is, #1 in what?)

Don’t Hold Your Breath

Truth is, the US will stay in keep its state of national emergency until the next opportunity requires us not to be. And it’s up to your to predict what those opportunities might look like.






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