CONTEST & Review: CAZLET Lets Your iPhone Travel Smartly


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(review written by me, after the company sent me a wallet to check out for you all)

Review of the CAZLET iPhone Wallet

The good people of Kynez contacted me recently. They wanted to know if I’d be interested in reviewing their newest wallet, the CAZLET.

Keith of Kynez explained the CAZLET is an iPhone wallet. I was immediately skeptical, but I figured “Why not, I’ll check it out if they’re sending me one.

Well, I got it 3 days ago, and have been using it 100%. My impression: the CAZLET is a smart product. 

Kynez has some smart people & great product design.




In the US and Canada, there is the phrase “Measure twice, cut once.” Basically, it means be certain before you do what you can’t undo. I’m sure there is an equivalent phrase in any language.

Well, I mention it because I think the people at Kynez measured many times before making the CAZLET. My iPhone seems to fit absolutely perfectly in the sleeve, and in its pocket. Money, even oversized pound notes from the UK, fit under the zipper. The orange stitches that show where the power and volume buttons are. Everything seems so engineered. So well measured. I’m impressed, like really impressed by those little things.

It’s like someone had taken the finished product, then had an afterthought “Oh, we could have done this.” So, they go ahead and add in another idea.

Engineering By Example

For example, there’s the little orange fabric loop, which you could place outside the zipper. Maybe you want to hang it on your hand, or hang it the CAZLET wallet to a carabiner. That’s cool enough, but then there’s a little CAZLET-branded loop inside the wallet to hold down the strap for when you don’t want it outside. It’s like engineering on top of engineering. Impressive, huh?

Three other examples are the ID sleeve, hand strap and card band. Check out the pic to see exactly what comes with this wallet.

cazlet straps and sleeves



Yet another cool benefit – speed through the metro turnstiles. If you’ve used one of those near-field cards like London’s Oyster card, Prague’s Open card or Moscow’s Metro card, then you know it’s a bit of a mad scramble to find your card from deep wherever, scan it, then place it back to safely not lose it — all while people are rushing you through the turnstiles. OR, with one of the CAZLET’s you stick the near-field card in the back of the wallet’s card band. The scanner reads your card through the wallet, without having to remove/replace it. All in a half-second.


I got a thing about leather. (No, not like that!) But I dig leather products a lot. I reviewed a premier quality leather wallet a few months ago and I got super excited just by the packaging and smell of it. That wallet was not iPhone specific, but rather travel-oriented. Still, the leather aroused a sense of excitement, unmet. Till now, with the CAZLET.

The CAZLET uses a high quality kind of leather for the face and back of the wallet. It’s brushed, soft and smells delicious. The side, holding the zipper is a strong, but flexible fabric. Feels like a kind of nylon.

From my pictures, you see the inside is a marriage of the same brushed leather, and a form of felt. The felt also forms the pocket which holds the iPhone. Thinner than the leather, thankfully, the felt forms most of the inside of the wallet. Still, the tops of each internal edge are the same leather. This makes me feels like it’ll last me several years.

Even the zipper pull choice was smart. It’s not your average zipper pull, but a YKK zipper (top quality). And somehow it’s magnetized or something, because it actually snaps into place when it’s zipped all the way. (Not sure how they managed that trick) Ah, I found a picture online – the zipper snaps shut, so the wallet won’t (& can’t) open without someone actually lifting the pull to open. Again, some smart thinking there.

cazlet iphone wallet zipper

As you investigate the inside, you see it’s not a simple sleeve wallet. There’s the tiny pocket for an extra micro-SIM card. A little metal SIM ejector like the one Apple gave you (& you lost), then a separate leather pocket behind those two items. Then there’s also a little logo-branded purse for a few coins or media cards.

It’s unreal how far they went to add stuff, and then add more, all smart organization to the inside of a wallet. They also inserted a little screen cleaning pad, logo branded, in its own little sleeve. We’re talking like a 1cm x 1cm pad, bordering on adorable.


iPhone Goes “In & Down”: Note for Noobs

A special note for new CAZLET owners. When you first shove your iPhone in, it’s tempting to think it’s as good as you can get it. But no. Where your iPhone fits into the CAZLET isn’t just a sleeve, but more like a pocket.

First time you do it, your iPhone might be “in” but not “in & down” inside. I discovered this on my own, but the good people at Kynez sent me an e-mail, too, to be sure I knew.

Simple way to tell: if the sleeve isn’t closed & you can still see the iPhone’s “lightening” port, then no, the iPhone isn’t yet in its “pocket.” Not a big deal. It’s just you’re not yet experiencing the best fit.

After your phone slides in the whole length, then give the last bit a gentle push downward, into the wallet. This sets all four of the phone’s corners inside the wallet. My iPhone is now cradled in a fabric pocket within the wallet. I’ll be honest, only after I noted how perfectly that pocket is measured and engineered, then I really paid attention how well the whole CAZLET is designed.

CAZLET iPhone wallet review well engineered

A “Gotcha”

There is one obvious catch to using this wallet, in case you didn’t think of it already. To use the rear camera, you’ll need to pull your iPhone out of the wallet. While it’s still inside, you can still take your “selfie.” But for the greater quality photo shot from the rear, pull it out first.  🙂



Yup, this is a well-designed, well-engineered phone wallet. If you have an iPhone and you want to combine a iPhone case and a wallet, you can’t go wrong with this case.

One more note. I have an iPhone 5, but my wife has an iPhone 5s. She noted that my CAZLET lets her still use the fingerprint reader in her iPhone. Nice feature, but that means I’ll have to get her one, lest she try to inherit mine.

Contest & Giveaway

The good people at Kynez are very smart, but they are also extremely generous.

Check out what they’re providing you, the attentive readers of Expat Yourself:

The first 5 people to leave a comment saying how they would like their own CAZLET will receive a coupon worth US$29 to fully redeem toward a CAZLET, EURO size bit bigger), Random colour, HBS style, Nylon enforced.

If you don’t want that specific model, that’s fine. Kynez lets you use this coupon worth 29USD to offset any other model which is priced more than 29USD. Just take this as a big discount (almost 45% off).

Bridge Contest

If you really want a contest, or if you missed the first 5 coupons, how about this:

See in my first picture, the home screen of my kids? See the bridge in the background?

Leave a comment below, naming that bridge. Kynez will give you a coupon worth US$65 for a CAZLET, US size, Dingo colour, HBS style, Cordura enforced. (the same model I reviewed). Wow- that’s $65 for having that random piece of knowledge. Nice!


Wait, There’s More.

As if they’re not generous enough. For yet another 10 people, Kynez will give a 25% discount for any CAZLET. Just leave a comment saying you’d like one.


Thank you all for reading. And huge Thank You to Kynez for the wallet and all their offerings to my readers!!!


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  1. Really like the Idea. Looks like something i could Replace my BookBook case with. Wish there was one for the iPhone 4. oh well its about time for a new phone!

    1. Hi Scott, I saw the iPhone 4 model is on great sales at their web site.

      Great review. I can’t wait to get one for my iphone 5 and the dual-card RFID -blocking sleeve.

      1. Costa,

        Sorry for a late reply – do you have an iPhone 5? Would you like a coupon for $29 off a new CAZLET iPhone wallet?


  2. Thanks for the great review! Makes me almost be able to smell the leather! I can’t see if that is a double bridge…it almost looks like Navaho Bridges…

  3. Wow this is so much useful information! I have been looking for a high quality wallet case forever, and couldn’t find any. Definitley having to order one of these! Great reveiw Jeff thank you!

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