Where Can Americans Visit With No Visa?

What’s a Visa?

I’m not talking about the plastic card in your wallet, used for faking like you’ve got money. Americans are GREAT with those! No, I’m talking about the little slip of paper or stamp that comes after a little paperwork, a fee and a follow-up visit to your local embassy or airport. And that’s just tourist visas, not a business one. In short, a hassle.

Why Getting a Visa Sucks

If you think getting a tourist visa is a hassle, you’re not alone. It takes paperwork, spending money ($30-$300) and maybe even a visit to a nearby embassy or consulate. In other words, it’s easier to book a flight around the world, than to arrange permission to walk off the plane. But if you’re American, well, lucky for you! Americans, with their US passports, can visit pretty much every country on the planet, visa-free. Out of nearly 200 countries, Americans can visit 172 of them without a visa. Yes, you can stay up to 90 days in almost every country, without any hassle. Just book your flight and Go.

Do I Need a Visa to Visit that Country?

Probably not, but let’s cover this anyway. Needing a visa to visit somewhere depends a lot on what country you’re from.  (hey, that’s the whole point of this article!) I have to share 2 things here. First is a great info graphic that show how powerful each country’s passport is. Click on it for the full-sized picture:

Where Can Americans Go WIthout a Visa?
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Then, this website offers a page and chart to answer if you need that visa, per country, per nationality. It’s cool stuff. You just pull down what nationality you are. The list shows destination countries as red (need a visa) or green (no visa needed -just fly there).

My Point…

I guess my point is, if you’re American, there is next to nothing holding you back. You think you got it hard? Try being from one of the “less powerful” countries in the picture. Many people there want to visit other places, but can’t. You can. You’re free to go. Fly, be free.


p.s. By the way, Canada ranks just behind the US overall. Plus they can visit that nearby vacation oasis called Cuba.

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2 thoughts on “Where Can Americans Visit With No Visa?”

  1. Hi Jeff,

    I like your web site. I have a question. Is it possible to open a US bank account with tourist visa (Australian/New Zealand passport)? I found it convenient with a local bank account if I am planning to stay a few months in US.


    1. Hi Derek,
      Thanks for the comment and kind words. Glad to have you aboard.

      Yes, totally possible to open a bank account with a passport. There’s no law that says you can’t. Now, that said, it’s up to the bank to take your business and to decide what kind of business with you they want.

      So, since banks operate based on risk, you can imagine how this goes….
      You walk in with a foreign passport as ID — that’s fine. But you are a tourist (your example) and not working. With no reliable income other than deposits, the bank will accept little risk exposure from you.
      Will they offer an account? Yes.
      Will they offer overdraft protection on that account? Likely not.

      I’ve gotten bank accounts in a few countries and it’s always the same: “Well, without income coming in, …”
      Banks are businesses, clear and simple. And they’ll offer any chance to take your money. And to hold it.


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