Volunteering Opportunities in South Africa

Many of us have moments in our lives where we seek a real change. For some of us this can be a change in location. For others it can mean switching careers. And then for the select few it can be a bit of both!

The hardest obstacle to making such as a dramatic change in your life can be knowing where to begin. But by volunteering, you can receive assistance and advice in settling in a new location. And the skills that you’ll learn will also set you in good stead for future employment opportunities in the given locale.

If you’re looking to leave behind the grey skies of the UK and head somewhere a little more exotic, then South Africa could be a great option.

Not only is the country rich in a beautiful and varied landscape, but it’s enjoying a real boom in its economy and could herald some fantastic new opportunities for you.

GVI in South Africa

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

The GVI operates a range of excellent conservation and community development programmes in South Africa. They have a dedicated team of staff who will find a project best suited to your capabilities and needs. And through their alignment with reputed charities such as WWF, Save The Children and the Red Cross, you’ll know that your work is creating a real change for good.

Such programmes can take place in a variety of areas. From specializing in a Wildlife Conservation Internship out in the dramatic bushveld, to helping run a healthcare workshop programme in Cape Town, you’ll quickly be immersed in this fascinating country and will learn the attributes of the distinctive culture in no time.

Despite years of suffering under Apartheid, South Africa is now really opening up. It boasts a highly thriving mobile industry that is keen to adapt to the brave new technological future. And entertainment options in South Africa are rapidly expanding too. Whereas gambling used to be limited to horse racing, there is now a wealth of casino resorts and online slot machines that offer a range of highly entertaining games that can offer some welcome distraction while you’re on downtime from work.


Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

The Voluntary Service Overseas is another highly regarded institution that offers a trustworthy and reliable voluntary service in South Africa.

One of the main focuses of this group is the devastating impact that HIV and AIDS have had on many South African communities.

The volunteering efforts help to see action being taken in the caring of South Africa’s 2.1 million children who have been orphaned by AIDS, as well as helping with activities that promote safe sex and enable people to receive specialised treatment.

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  1. Whites are being murdered in South Africa, especially all Boer farmers. I would suggest anyone who is white to please stay away from there for their own safety. People are introducing petitions to their governments to try and allow SA people immediate citizenship in Europe. It doesn’t help the media isn’t discussing this. Do searches on Google about white genocide happening there currently. There are even many videos on YouTube showing white people being robbed/assaulted. I have a friend there that I hope I can help move in with me (hopefully in Canada) once she completes her college degree.

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