How (Not) to be a Sovereign Citizen

Actually, this is a 2-part post. The first part is how (not) to be a “sovereign citizen.” In other words, how to avoid becoming an asshole.

Second part is how to write me an e-mail.

A few days ago, I got an e-mail from a person who many would call a “sovereign citizen.” I’ll explain that in a bit.

Look, I get enough normal e-mails asking for help, and I respond as quickly I can. And then I get the occasional e-mail from people who are clearly fucked in the head. To those, I might not respond at all.

One special e-mail was from a sovereign citizen. She made some pretty bold claims about her demands and needs, with absolute disregard for what needs to be done.

If you’re not familiar with the term “sovereign citizen,” it’s a person who believes they are like a nation of one. They are sovereign from any law. The laws of society do not apply to them. In short, they are self-serving, anti-government idiots. The worst part is, over the past few years, this is becoming a growing ‘thing’ at about 100,000 people strong!

But Jeff, you say things against the US government – does that make you a sovereign citizen??”  Ah, no. I recognize the laws and authority of the government, wherever I might be. Sovereign citizens do not.

Let’s talk only in the US, where the sovereign citizen movement is most popular. Sovereign citizens does not recognize laws, period. City, state, federal – no law applies to them. Nor do they recognize US currency. Want to get a sovereign citizen angry? Talk about taxation. Sovereign citizens overwhelmingly do not believe in being taxed. BUT, when you challenge them, the first thing they do is demand financial payment (yes, in US currency) for their broken rights (upheld by a law).

When is a sovereign citizen happy? When it serves them. Like being caught speeding, having to sit in a court, when avoiding taxes, pushing drugs, hiring a hit man to kill a judge.

When is a sovereign citizen upset? When they’re needing emergency response, like an ambulance, fire truck or police. Or needing to rely on the law for their own protection or, God forbid, an actual education.

Funny thing about the sovereign citizen movement… you don’t hear them brag about avoiding insurance when a logging truck slams into their car. You don’t hear them claim sovereignty when the company accidentally dumps waste on their land. These sovereign citizens see no need for law enforcement, except when laws enforce protection. Then they sing a different tune.

So, sovereign citizens like being “sovereign” when breaking the law, but they cry crocodile tears when needing the law.

This video shows one batshit crazy “Jenna.” It’s a voice recording of her 911 call. As you find out, the police are in a car chase with her. She demands from the 911 operator she be paid ($300,000??) to agree to stop for the police, as this is a “false declaration of an emergency.” (I told you they’re batshit crazy.)

That raises another issue: the legal language you hear from them. For a self-described non-law abiding group, they sure do throw around a lot of legalese. Whenever challenged by authority, they’ll defend their sovereignty with terms and phrases that, supposedly come from legal precedents. Or at least their favourite website. See the irony?

In another video, the guy literally says “I don’t know what law book you’re reading man, but it doesn’t apply to me.” About 45 seconds later, he gets deservedly tazed.

Generally, a sovereign citizen is a grown-up version of an entitled brat. So, how do you avoid being that entitled brat? Recognize that laws serve you, to protect you, to help you. A law is not a precursor to payment.

Filling out the proper paperwork to get what you want or strive for. Don’t be someone who claims “I am not a ‘person,’ I’m a man!” (No buddy, you’re not.)

How to write me an e-mail? Now, for the second part, the easy part. If you want help in trying to become an expat, just write me: jeff (at)

But don’t come off sounding like an entitled brat.  🙂  Understand there are definite steps to follow.  That’s where I help.

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31 thoughts on “How (Not) to be a Sovereign Citizen”

      1. In any case, proper grammar makes a big difference.
        Example: “…an asshole then a political puppet” = you’re an asshole first, the puppet afterwards.
        Likely though, you meant “rather an asshole *than* a political puppet.”

  1. Greetings!
    For a minute, forget your concepts (which are your shield).

    I dont belong to anyone or anything, Im not property.
    Therefore, think about it, I was born; To know about the CONCEPT of society, I had to be TAUGHT what it is. Meaning its not natural, it doesnt come with you when youre born. It only exists today for 2 reasons: it brings order and its been like this for some time (i can call it an evolution of humanity).

    Being sovereign is not an impossible feat, since there are people in the world that are sovereign. What is in question here is the common citizen becoming that.
    You cant be common and be sovereign. You have to have a long history/lineage of sovereigns and you need gun power/man power.

    With those facts addressed, the view of the world and humanity becomes simple. Both past and present.
    If you want to immerse and surround yourself in this concept, that is fine for you. I however do not wish to. I dont have to call myself sovereign (because I dont) but if people like you (the ones immersed in the idea of society) want to describe me, you will probably use such word, but done so in another manner, obviously, because you dont believe I am.

    No one and nothing can force me to be part of society/ies. To that you will probably think/say “well then, go away from our society, go live in the jungle” etc.
    But actually, humans dont own the earth! Anyone with common sense knows that. Humans are OF the earth, and could not claim ownership OF it. We didnt create it. We werent around before it was originated. We dont even know our own history. (as if any of these things would prove ownership).
    Therefore, I can stay where I want, when I want. The only thing I cannot do is be part of society, since I claim I dont want to, and dont want to cooperate with it. So, Im not a citizen, I dont have a number or a name (since I dont need or believe in them), so Im not a citizen and I cannot enjoy/take advantage of citizenship rights, etc. Such as going school, going hospital, being employed, receiving pension, protection, emergency services and many more etc.

    Up until now I have only cited facts, no philosophy, no legalese, no magna carta, no nothing.
    So here is a last bit of fact that ties in directly with the first words I said: nothing and no one can force me to be a citizen, there is no law that obliges me to be part of society. The only thing they got wrong is that “they” think they own the land, which is a big joke if they werent dead serious in their heads. But this land had other peoples inhabiting before, did it not? And one day others came with gunpowder and took it by force, did they not? So just because that happened, along with time passing, would that make the belief of owning land true? no! Its all conditioning.

    I dont base myself on laws, law systems, magna carta, internet articles, or anything you could think of, to say what I said.

    All I base my words on are my consciousness which is what does the observing, through which I aquired the information, which is not subject to interpretation but solely factual.

    To sum it up quickly, these are the facts:

    -i am of the earth, as you are and as everyone else is
    -i dont own anything, nor do you or anyone else
    -nothing and no one can force me to be a citizen or restrict me of coming and going, but only of being part of you

    with that unbiased view of the world and us, I ask you what do you think? As Im not here to try and be right (i dont have an ego, its really “small” and doesnt cloud my consciousness and that is due to my, lets say, ritual of transcending everything) in front of you, but I am here to conversate and hear what anyone has to say.

    *now the inteligent disclaimer:
    i understand that if lots of people (lets says everyone for argument’s sake) started saying and think exactly like me, there would either be chaos (“oh my god we’re back to cavemen” i hear you scream) or a very different path to what humanity has seen yet. I say either because it depends on our intentions/mindset and also on everyone else who’s not onboard with us (the disagreeables), who would most likely try to use force to coerce us.
    That’s why I left in the first place: I myself dont like and dont agree with how the world is going, how people behave and think. I feel as I am not even from earth, since I see it all as very very VERY backwards and unevolved. (We could be much more, we could at least realistically strive for it)
    That’s why I started transcending: to be able to view everything without bias and think clearly.

    Obviously your reaction upon reading this will be to think Im wrong, and you will think of counter arguments in your head, even before you finished reading it, its ok, its normal. But dont react, dont reply straight away. We humans, with our brains and our management of it, we cannot answer so quickly like we think we can and do. So take time. And dont tell me that Im idealistic, hopeful, unrealistic. I only deal with reality, not the human made up one, but the universal earthly one. The true reality.

      1. I plan to use society and then un-join from it. And to un-join I dont need to leave to the jungle, I dont need to move outside “their land”, because no land is anyone’s land.
        Its an anarchist thought, I know, and I also know that if lots of people started doing it, it would be bring some chaos to the order that “society” has evolved to bring. But society is not organic yet, its not fixing it self (like a body would). Therefore its the only logical option for me and maybe others: to realise that we are naturally NOT a part of any society!
        To conclude, if enough people do it (whatever number) then attention can be brought to its message and logic, hence, society can fix up and learn with these “anarchist” lessons..
        Such as:
        – no land has a name on it (we dont own land)
        – earth didnt come from us, we came from it
        – everything on earth, living beings and resources are everyones “patrimony”

        To the square-head order obeying person, this thought is total chaos! But this thought is the future.

        The more we align ourselves with it, the more harmonious we will learn to be with ourselves and everything around us, obviously the planet!

        1. I think that’s the best reply I’ve seen yet. I don’t mean the “Sovereign Citizen” movement has any merit. It doest. Your reply is so clearly selfish, your reply makes it easy for people to disagree 100% with the desire to be sovereign.

          I don’t consider myself a conformist, but when it comes to obeying laws (being your “square-head order obeying person”), I’ll play ball. I obey a lot of laws because staying legal makes my life more enjoyable.
          1. If I want to travel by air, I obey the “get a passport” rule.
          2. If I want to buy milk, I obey the commercial dairy industry’s rules.
          3. If I want to sleep in “my” bed, I obey municipal property ownership rules.

          Those are 3 rules, from 3 “them’s”, at 3 levels of order.

          The true problem with “sovereign” persons is, they’re too stupid to see the big picture. Sovereign followers (and they are most certainly a follower, not a leader) are proof that being over 18 makes one an adult only by law, not by maturity.
          A sovereign ‘person’ believes they can move to a free range life, but keep buying milk, using electricity and driving on roads. It’s shortsighted to call them anarchists. What they are, is children, plain and simple. Children who “grew up,” unable to see value in any top-down management (business, societal and probably even within family)

          1. Greetings.
            I’m not a sovereign nor am I talking about laws. Its not against a law to not want to be part of society.

            I only deal with natural and real matters. If society (bunch of humans living together in favour of something greater) was actually harmonious with the planet earth, then I would have no quarrel. But my wish to not be a part of it came from observing it for a lot of time.
            It will never fix itself, and people just want to go about their daily lives.

            “A sovereign ‘person’ believes they can move to a free range life, but keep buying milk, using electricity and driving on roads.”

            I dont claim to be a sovereign, if you classify me as such, then there is nothing I can do, right?
            I understand you. You cant grasp my idea (in particular, and not of “sovereigns”) because you put me in the same box. The more you emanate your thoughts in words, the more you attach yourself to them. You run this blog and spout your ideas to yourself, knowing in your heart you are right and whoever you oppose, isnt.

            I imagine that to you my words/ideas are just a bunch of phases put together, but I cant make it simpler than this: I do believe I can live a self sustaining life and not use whatever it is around me. I know our countries/societies dont and wont work (I wont get into the why), therefore I wont wait around for things to get worse and my well being to diminish, for me to be able to actually BELIEVE my ideas!

            To conclude again, I dont want to be a part of it nor do I want to contribute to it. Nor do I want to reap whatever it can give me. I am, though, a citizen of THE EARTH. There is no such things as countries and humans governing over me! There is no possession of land. Its all ideas that we adhere to, but what I’m talking about is the recognition that they are indeed ideas and that we dont need to adhere to it.

            Read on wikipedia or youtube the name “project venus”. I walk alongside them, in hope that some of it comes true.

            1. Dear “One ‘f’ Jef”,
              With your every comment, you forecast and pre-empt any dissension I might have. I’m guessing you deal with a lot of people disagreeing with you, and you’ve grown pretty defensive. To stay ‘civil’ (a good thing here) I will try my hardest not to disagree or write any negative remarks toward what you’ve said.

              In fact, I’m only curious. I’m curious if you truly “walk the walk” or are these just your beliefs without actual practice? Please just entertain me (and other readers) with answering a few “how” and “why” questions…

              First, I read up on Jacque Fresco’s “resource-based” economy: a system where “all goods and services are available without the use of money, credits, barter or any other system of debt or servitude. All resources become the common heritage of all of the inhabitants.”

              1. This means you’re not obligated to offer anything in return, correct? Can such a system work with greedy people? (Many people would happily take and take, without any means to sustain the source.)

              2. If not, what do you offer currently? Or what would you offer, if the time comes to adopt a Project Venus-inspired system?

              3. In any case, what are example goods/services today that you ‘take’ but are not obliged to pay for?

              4. How does Fresco’s teachings compare to sovereign citizen movement? I tried searching for a fair, unbiased review or analysis, but couldn’t find anything I’d call objective. Can you elaborate on the differences?

              5. About Project Venus, you said “I walk alongside them, in hope that some of it comes true,” was there some parts of it you specifically don’t agree with, or don’t hope they come to fruition?

              About your beliefs in general…

              1. Are there others you meet up with (in person), to discuss about Fresco or Project Venus?

              2. How long have you ‘walked alongside’ of his teachings? And who or what inspired you?

              3. I’ve found a few places online where the Zeitgeist films get referenced alongside of Fresco. How do you feel about the movie?


              Okay, enough for now. It’s getting late for me here. I hope you see I’m sincerely curious and interested to hear your replies.

              -Jeff (two ‘f’s for me)

              1. Hi again.

                Interesting. Is that what it seems like? That I’m forecasting that someone will in fact disagree, leading to the assumption that I have been disagreed with a lot before.
                I’m not being patronizing, by the way.
                People have disagreed with me but no more than the average person speaking their mind. I think whenever you “follow” less popular concepts, there will be a greater number of people disagreeing, some rather “violently”, should I say.
                But the reason I speak the way I do is to pass the message clearly without ego or personal attachment, because what is important is the message. Obviously I have ego and some degree of attachment, but the message is what I believe is the best for the planet and everything in it.

                To be honest I dont know if your curiosity is honest or if you’re trying to discredit the idea/message of my words by subtly pointing out that it’s really difficult and rather inconvenient for a human to truly walk the walk that I stated.
                Either way, it’s fine!

                Your questions to me about the venus project, well, me answering them would be irrelevant actually, since the official website has a lot of FAQs already, and they would answer better; question 1 that you asked is already covered there, as are many others. But I can give my input nonetheless.

                1. I also share that particular concern, amongst other concerns. I’m not saying PV is heaven and we are all evolved enough for it to happen today (lots of laughs..). In fact I know the opposite, that we are not evolved enough yet for many good things to be true in our human midst.
                And that is exactly the reason why more and more I want to just un-associate myself from said societies. Its my answer for not being able to contribute to it (“casting pearls before the swine” is a reality), not being heard (obviously there’s no point in talking in the wrong places, but I see lots of people with influence and also “followers” and still I think that the system is not meant to work) and not being seen (not myself, really, but me as a representation of every human) by others in a place similar to me and by others who are, lets say, above me and people similar to me.

                Sorry about all the () and “”.

                Before I go on, I want to ask something that has amazed and intrigued me for some time. Has no one ever stopped and questioned “why am I part of this? can I not be part of this? I think I can in fact not be a part anymore”. I know the punishments would be severe because I think almost no one would agree with the choice, my choice, of NOT being part of any society.
                Mainly because its something completely new and strange (social/cultural conditioning does “wonders” to our thought process).
                Also not just mere citizens disagreeing but also people who have “manpower” would take actions against my decisions. Authorities and the likes. I dont envisage judges hearing my logic either.

                2. What would anyone do if money didnt exist? Or if money wasnt an obstacle? Deep down we want to do what we have interest in. Conditionings have created and moulded us for.. well, forever! This would be a completely new step for humans.
                And I would contribute with the things I have interest in and the things I think Im good at. Obviously I would also LOVE to study and learn for free and with the best equipment and knowledge. Imagine all the earth’s plants categorized by usefulness and available. Imagine all scientists actually using discoveries a 100% for the betterment of humanity. And not just a fraction, like it is now.

                3. the majority of things, materials, even ideas cost money. Thinking right now, the only thing that I consider a service/good that I take and am not required to pay with paper currency is knowledge. Its mostly free, sometimes it costs a little bit and it comes in form of books. But there are people like “Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj”, “sevan bomar”, and many other people that speak some level of truth and dont charge paper currency. The charge is actually like an unspoken code, which is also not enforced at all. The charge is to simply elaborate the knowledge if you can and pass it on. The right time and place is up to you.

                4. Fresco is building a world system. Sovereign people in my view, get too attached to what they learn and close their minds on it, to the point of thinking that everything else is irrelevant and invalid. Only the blacks dictionary of law is god to them, amongst other examples.
                Also, fresco combines different people and views, in a collective manner. Sovereignty is more of an individual thing and the knowledge they absorb comes from what other have said, I mean, there is a lot of misinformation about how courts work and etc. There may be some degrees of truth, but it all seems like a loophole only and not a real way out.
                At one point I was “following” their concept and learning from it. But it didnt have enough to sustain me and unconsciously I move on to more knowledge, on another field, after I gather what I can. That’s how I see that I came about to PV.

                5. Being a completely new system for us humans, like I said before, it takes some getting used to the idea in order to truly access every corner of it.
                At the moment I cant remember anything I disagree with.
                The ultimate goal is not “humans living good, feeling good”. The ultimate goal is “humans living in harmony with the planet”. There may be compromises, but the second goal being much more important and holistic (from holism), then all will be well and if its not, we can sort it out.
                Its not like we are trading capitalism for that old idea of communism. Both systems have advantages by the way, but by themselves they are not worthy nor harmonious.
                What it is like, though, is we are evolving and taking what we have learnt; proceeding to a better system.


                1. Not many, actually. Maybe thats why I feel its so easy to apply my idea of cutting loose from societies. It would be easier to ask me ”who do i not meet up with and talk about this”, which would be most people.
                The reason being they are not interested. Most disagree but have nothing else to input. Like I said, its a conditioning thing. I truly wonder how many have thought what I think. Would I really be completely wrong in thinking this way, and everyone else is normal and right? You see, I leave space for the unknown in my mind. I dont take my certainties that close to my heart, should I say. I see sense in the saying “I know that I know nothing” by socrates.

                2. Its been a few years since I discovered PV, I’d say 3. But I dont consider PV to be my main source of knowledge, or my one “guru”. If I am to use the word guru, then I have to say that I have many.
                Like you asked, my inspirations. Thats a more fitting word.
                The book “tao te ching” was a really heavy influence. Anothe recent one is the person I already said about “Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj”. Also “Osho”. Well, there are many people who have some consistent flow of knowledgeable information I can analyse and absorb.
                But people are mere representations of the greater energy I call allah.

       Im joking.

                Thats another point I like to make actually, that people call god, “god”. Like its a masculine human figure. The only god(dess) energy that can exist and that I believe in is the actual UNIVERSE. Which is everywhere and inside everyone.
                The universe we can see with physical eyes is but a mere sketch/dot of the wholeness of it. We see only a few frequencies of light, there are others. Universe in the common sense of the word is just the black stuff in the sky with blinking dots.
                To me it has some sort of intelligence, but not human reasoning/intelligence. Anyway ……

                Like I was finishing up on, people are mere channels and representations of the universe. So I wont only seek information/inspiration in other people but also myself and also situations that life brings towards me, be it by any decision I make or not.

                3. I’ve seen the zeitgeist movie, but a few years ago. Its ok, I know they reference Fresco (I think).
                I would have to watch it again to comment on it but from what I remember it is pushing people for something, for a change. That push may backfire, since it takes a revolution/evolution of the mind first and foremost so that an outwards material evolution/revolution may successfully take place. Otherwise its just a perpetual cycle and we are tired of those.

                I know I am.

                1. Well spoken. You are not alone friend. It all starts from within. Heal ourselves as individuals, heal the world as one.

              2. Ok, not sure whos who here. As for the guy slamming the soveriens. You have enlightened me to some degree about the hypocricsy that exists in there stanz. Ok yes you cant have your cake and eat it too. However the way this country has been structured for so long, it would be next to immpossible to grab a bag and move to the hills whith nothing butt hunting equipment, and a hand full of seeds in one day? Most people have been born into the big deception since birth. Many dont start unraveling the truth untill later in life. If you say there is no coruption or deceit in the government, and people in power, which have much to gain by having knowledge of its inner workings, you are extremelly naive. Most of them enjoy these benifits of the so called soveriens. They know how to get out of paying taxes. They know the loopholes. They dont live in a world or lifestyle, in whitch the beary rules they make affect them. Theres is a differant world than that of a common man. Whith that Said, people of privaledge, need the little people to work, and tiol or they would lose there extravagant lifestyle? Do the math. Everyone cannot be rich. It takes thousands of hard working people to support one moderately rich person. In other words. There toil and struggle just to make there needs, turns a profit for somebody. It is a giant pyramid that has a top, whith many people in the middle, that have made it there and will never rock the boat, because they dont want to be one of the common people. They actually refer to them as “the sheeple ” Man cannot handle power and wealth without becoming corrupt. It has been this way since the dawn of time. Before the kings and queens, the pharohs, ect…. Anyways, you say you agree whith the laws because, you like having roads to travel, a roof over your head, and the other fruits of a so called civalized scociety. It seems your willing to overlook the coruption and lies of polotitions,government scandals and cover ups. All the rich elite running things at the top of the big empire, scratching each others backs, and having an inside truth, of reality, the common man will never know. What they have they will never compromise. They profess all this supossed freedom whith there propaganda, spun by the media, which is owned by the utmost elite. Do you seriously think you know what the truth really is? No they want the masses knowing only what they meed to. They call freedom the crumbs they throw them. So if obeying these laws like a robot,and turning a blind eye to the fact there is deception,going on, and saying, well I have a house,two cars in the driveway, and food on the table, cause I follow the rules. Well that is called selling out. Also sounds like being the governments child and there allowing you to have an allowance. This country was not founded like this. The government owns you. You dont own your house? You dont pay the gov there taxes and they will evict your ass. You gotta pay them to drive your car. You have to have to get permission to add an extra room onto your home. Then you have to pay all the taxes amd permits. Yes they have to permit you to improve your own home, even though your paying for the material and labor.Then they tax that too! All this tax Im afraid to say does not go to improvements to help the people. People, if you know the right ones, make closed door deals. There is big bussenes involved. You just need to be one of the elite. The common man knows nothing of that world. You exist to work and produce untill you die, so you can pay,pay, pay. While you a chasing this big lie called the,”American Dream” Butt its been pumped into your head since you learned to speak. Yes, these soverighn citizens perhaps, are now waking up realizing they have been living a big lie and gotten scammed half or most of there life. Mabye they are brave enough to stand up and say Fxck You! Ive paid enough to you, the Elite to live your lavish lifstyles of power and presige. They are willing to be ridiculed for standing up for there rights not to have another man, born of flesh and blood, have authority over them, just because they claim to have this authority, given by whom? The revolution that produced this country, was these same type of people. Like the soveriens they wouldnt have what they earned taken, by the powers that be, just because there self proclaimed superiority? Given by whom? Themseves! Some just decide they will take what they want from the weak. And people are afraid until it just becomes the norm, and commonplace. Most of americans are slaves. As long as they dont step out of line, ask permission from Daddy, and pay for the privaledge of using everything they buy, They will get old and get a little ssi check barely enough to live on, and then die! You are a robot sir, or a coward. Your choice. As far as these soveriens being able to buy a gallon of milk. The just realized theyve been getting hosed most of there life. And they were conditioned to live in our current system. It takes time to become fully self reliant. Butt unlike you, when the truth revealed itself, they couldnt just look the other way whith your complacency,and absense of duty to right and wrong, because your ok whith the lie, as long as your needs are met, or you dont mind being ruled.

          2. It’s still business and yes we should pay for services. But that’s not the big picture you seem to talk about. People like you are just trying to down people that believe in our original constitution for whatever reason. If your not down with what USA was built on, then why are you here? Move to the middle East, Russia, China where ever your not gonna put down other people and live in harmony with each other as God planned.

    1. Edward Mandell House, who had this to say in a private meeting with President Woodrow Wilson:

      ‘[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging.

      By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will affect our security as a chargeback for our fiat paper currency.

      Every American will be forced to register or suffer being unable to work and earn a living. They will be our chattel, and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions.

      Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, forever to remain economic slaves through taxation, secured by their pledges.

      They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two should figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability. After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debt to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges.

      This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud which we will call ‘Social Insurance.’

      ‘Without realizing it, every American will insure us for any loss we may incur and in this manner; every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly.

      The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and, we will employ the high office of the *President of our dummy corporation to foment this plot against America.’”

    2. Since you take the “real” human just remember thar this human was at an extreme in terms of selfishness before the growth of societes.

      Also another cool facts is if you abstract yourself from the law of lets say the usa you may get killed without any punishment since you are no longer protected by the law

    3. Although your post is rather intelligently written I must point out that there is no such word as conversate. The correct word is converse. Until Al sharpton came along everyone knew this. When you want to converse with someone you start a conversation. Look it up. Its kinda like saying you are going to an orientation to be orientated rather than oriented.

      1. Nice attempt troll.

        I had to search whose comment you were critiquing. I found it, by “One f jef” back in August 2015.
        Let me reply on his behalf since I own this blog, and he’s likely got better things to do than to patiently wait 16 months for your feedback.
        First, “those who live in glass houses shouldn’t cast stones,” meaning if you’re going to jerk someone’s chain on their spelling or word choice, make sure yours is spot on. (spoiler: it wasn’t)
        Second, tomorrow is St. Valentine’s Day. Have a heart bud. Don’t waste your eve trolling comments.
        Third, if you do need to be a dick, be one with a backbone. Don’t just blow through as “anonymous”.
        By the way, your IP is How’s the weather in Phoenix?

  2. I do not understand the term “Sovereign Citizen”, as you cannot be both. The term citizens is synonymous with the term “subject” (as in a kings subject), where the term sovereign is synonymous with the term “kingship”.

    1. Thomas, it being synonymous doesn’t actually make it associated.

      As a noun it means:
      “A supreme ruler, especially a monarch”, but as an adjective it means:
      “Possessing supreme or ultimate power” (in modern democracies the people’s will is in theory sovereign), also of a nation or its affairs; “acting or done independently and without outside interference: a sovereign, democratic republic.

      As for citizen, it can mean “A legally recognized subject or national of a state or commonwealth, either native or naturalized” but it also means “An inhabitant of a particular town or city”.

      So you see, adding sovereign and citizen together makes something different. The person is independent of the town/city/country, being sovereign. And a citizen of the planet.

      Moreover, analysing it more than superficially like I just did, it means not accepting a countries corruption and its limitations. A country, a society, whatever it may be. We dont have to wait to have progress, we can have it now. A person doesnt need to be part of society. There is no contract signed and there is no universal law stating it so. Being sovereign is natural. We adhere to society because its conditioned in us, we are passed down that conditioning. We accept it as good since birth, as normal, so its very hard to break that notion.

      1. Hey “One f Jef” — good to see you.

        I would have given Thomas a much shorter, more biting reply. But I’m thankful for your thoughtful answer to Thomas. (regardless whether I agree or not)

        Thank you for taking the time and giving a genuine answer.

        1. Oh, hey!
          Thanks. It’s good to be back here.
          Apologies for hijacking your thread, your post. I can stop if you want.

  3. Can you please explain to me the first steps to becoming sovereign. I have no law experience, and am confused as to how to begin the process.

    1. Reggie – why (& how) would I document steps how to act in a way I write so adamantly against?
      My post can be summed as “Sovereign citizens behave like asshats.”

      It does not take law experience to follow the law of the land. It takes becoming one with a community. If one doesn’t like that, then that one person can exit the community.

  4. First, one cannot be a sovereign and a citizen at the same time; you are either one or the other. The phrase itself is an oxymoron. As far as law goes, citizens (Citizens are those who work for the government ) are the only ones who have to follow the so called “laws” that are in place. Citizens have privileges/liberties, while Americans have rights. Rights always supersede privileges. The so called laws that are in place are statutes, codes, ordinances, acts, rules and regulations, they are not actual laws. The last true laws were made in 1871 when which was when law was replaced by policy using dejure and de facto. True law, similar in purpose to the American Constitution for the United States, was in place not to limit Americans, but to limit our government. When those who are actually running things realized that the real law limited them, they decided to create statutes codes ordinances etc because those can be bent and twisted to suit their agenda; because they have to be “translated”. Along with this they could bring in an illegal boys club (the BAR) keeping a monopoly in law by using legalese. This way common law would fall by the wayside, and common man would not be able to understand their language. This was why attorneys were not allowed to hold an office where law could be made, because that was how the law was muddied in England. All of this being said, Americans are not lawfully required to acquiesce to statutes codes ordinances etc, but they and everyone are required to follow the real law.

  5. Well said. It’s not so much that I don’t feel I’m from here (Earth), as it is I don’t belong here or have any desire to be here. This new concio

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