What Does English Sound Like?

Ever wonder what English sounds like, if you don’t speak English?

Watch and enjoy:

Pretty neat, isn’t it? It’s as if you know they’re speaking English, but you just can’t understand them, like they’re speaking too softly. But it’s not English at all, it’s nonsense; no real communication at all. And if you’re a native English speaker, you know this to be true immediately.

To a non-native English speaker, the video offers extra fun. Even after you realize the woman and man aren’t really speaking English, it makes you laugh. It’s close enough. It’s an American couple talking, like you’ve seen in the movies a dozen times. It’s like a joke on how we really sound.

Want To Improve Your English?

If you’re not a native English speaker and you want to have fun improving, then I have a great offer. I partnered with “Gymglish” who offer English lessons here for native French speakers.

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What makes my offer special is I can give a 7-day free trial. I believe 7 days is enough to show you, with no cost to you, that these lessons are easy, very good and very fun. I hope you give it just a try.

In the meantime, send this video to someone you know, native speaker or not. They might listen to it, trying even longer than you, to understand what the couple is saying!




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