Why Learn a New Language

I’m writing a post on why to learn a foreign language? Really? The question shouldn’t be “why” but “why not??
But what the hell, I’ll go with the “why.”

First, I’ll bet today, you believe you’re smart enough, attractive enough, interesting enough and people like you. Am I right?

Well, I’m here to say, no. Not yet. But stay with me and you’ll see what I mean.

(If too impatient to read on, you can jump to the free pass shared with us for Frantastique.)

What Everyone Else Says

If you Google “why learn a language,” every page says basically the same thing:
Oh, learning a language makes you open minded.
Learning a language gets you a better job.

Sure, I do believe those benefits. They’re not bullshit, but they don’t convince you to start. I’ll tell you what convinces: a mirror. Look at yourself.

What I’m Saying

Are you smart Enough? Are you attractive Enough? Are you interesting Enough?

Think about it. Yesterday you’re basically the same person as six months ago. Maybe a few pounds lighter (or heavier). Maybe better trained at work. Maybe a few more stories to tell. But what if I could help you change everything, all at once?

Learning a new language will open your mind up, yes. Learning a language comes with learning culture, music and art. Some of that will stick with you, then come out at the next party or get-together or meeting. That’s impressive.

Learning a new language will make you smile. And others will smile with you. Yeah, we can feel a little sheepish, because we’re just starting. But it’s real. We smile because we know we’re learning something good. And simply said, a smile makes you more attractive.

Learning a new language is interesting. No matter what you do, no matter what circles you’re in, no matter who your friends are. Everyone wishes they could speak a foreign language. So, when they learn you’re actually doing it, that is interesting. You’re interesting.

Do People Like You?

Well, I like you. I like you enough to write up this post. I like you so much, I wanted to show you how a new language can make you a smarter, hotter, staggeringly interesting human being. I mean, damn, just thinking about you practicing a few sentences makes me want to jump your bones. (Haha, I did enjoy writing that line)

But seriously, everyone wants to be a bit “better.” Learning a new language does better you. A lot, on many levels.

Time to Learn is Now

All the positives aside, I challenge anyone -ANYONE!, to tell me one good reason why learning a new language is not a good idea.

No time? Not sure how to learn? Hard to stay motivated? No money?

Trial pass from me

What if I give you a free pass to a service that delivers short, excellent lessons to you, by e-mail, every day? That’s the one answer to all excuses of time, method, motivation and money.

I recently partnered with this service, called Frantastique. It’s French and it does works well. (I’m doing it myself as well).

French Lessons thanks to ExpatYourself

Your Pass to Frantastique Here

That link gives you a week-long pass to try Frantastique out. See what you think. The humour keeps you motivated. The pass saves expense. The short daily lessons keep you learning.

Hope you see now that you will be smarter, hotter and more interesting. Watch your bones!

What are you waiting for? Start the trial already! Becoming better starts today.

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