What Your Grandparents Are Wishing They Told You

The worst thing in the world is regret. Many people as they get older can’t help but wish “If only I …“.

Don’t be that person. Here’s help how…

grandma tells us how it is
Grandma tells us how it is

This post is not a list of top regrets (too predictable). Far better, this is your grandparents’ advice, looking back to their younger selves.

The most popular ways to avoid regret, right here:

  1. Ask “What’s the worst that could happen? The answer is usually nothing. Screw what other people think. Stop worrying and have a “go for it” mentality.
  2. Forgive & Forget. Early and often, write off bad feelings you have against that someone. (Super) Difficult at first, but with practice, it becomes instantaneous.
  3. Go Outside Your Comfort Zone. Stretch yourself. Routine is nice, I know. But know that routines make time pass without any memory of what filled that time. Try something new – you’ll remember it for much longer!
  4. Practice a new language. Able to talk with more people is an early benefit. Long term benefits include deeper understanding between “you and them,” and even better understanding of your own language.
  5. Travel. Of course, I have to include travel. (You expected it earlier, right?!?)

Did you notice how many more checkboxes get checked because you travel? Tackling adversity, learning a language, going outside the comfort zone, and more — all are done through travel.

The list is full of wise advice, almost too powerful to appreciate in our younger age. But is there any reason to do otherwise?

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