Zero Grid Giveaway

There are travel accessories and there are quality travel accessories. Zero Grid is a company that makes the second. Great stuff.


I’m not touting these guys because they sent me something for free. (Well, they did, but I’m giving it to you.) I’m touting Zero Grid because their stuff is really that good.

Before the holidays, Nick H. from Zero Grid contacted me. I knew about Zero Grid already and I knew about the quality. I told Nick I can’t write up anything about their product without first testing it. So, he sent 2 items!

  • RFID-blocking passport holder and travel wallet
  • Microfibre travel towel set

RFID-blocking Passport Holder and Travel Wallet

The passport holder/travel wallet comes in 2 sizes: individual and family. I got the Family version, which holds 4 passports and more comfortably. Passport sleeves, card slots and zippered money pouch — all protected from RFID-probing hackers, if you’re particularly paranoid.

Both individual and family-sized include a little pen, which is my favourite part. The individual size is on their site, but the Family holder/wallet is available only on Amazon here (my personal recommendation).

family passport holder

Travel Towel Set

About the travel towel set, it’s a set of a microfibre, quick-dry towels, a body towel (152 cm x 76 cm) plus a hand towel (76 cm x 38 cm). But these quick-dry towels are fitted in a draw-string mesh bag. The bag has a carabiner clip, letting you hang it off a backpack. Light, at ~320g (11oz). Pretty sweet.

Zero Grid Travel Towels


I have exactly one of each of these to give away. To you, if you dare ask.

Yup, I need to be asked. All I want is a short video, telling me which one you want.

Nothing violent or racy, but profanity would be cool. Use all the creativity you want. Or stay boring, just screaming “Jeff, send me the Zero Grid [towel / wallet]!

When I have the best (or only) video for either one, I’ll send it off. I’ll pay for postage, no worries. Oh, speaking of postage – be sure to include your address. (And your note, if this is a gift for someone else.)

Good luck & cheers!


Update: Nick just wrote me, saying they are posting a new product this week, a Security Travel Belt with a Hidden Zipper. Here’s a sneak-peek at it:

belt17 belt1



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