The Fifth Box: The Moving Box. Exercise Your Rights

Here’s a popular quote among gun owners & 2nd Amendment activists:

There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury and ammo. Please use in that order.source

I just discovered this quote not 10 minutes ago. For me, it’s got a magical touch, rattling off four items, related only in being boxes. But the message is powerful. But then I asked where am I? Where is Expat Yourself’s place in that series? Answer: it isn’t.

My answer isn’t in these four boxes, so I’m adding the fifth box: the Moving Box.

time to pack

For me, my answer is choosing not to dig in and defend, but to pack up and push on. Perhaps to others, it’s the ‘easy way’ out, even unpatriotic. But it’s a choice I’ll defend to any who question it. What’s your choice?


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