True Patriots Can Protest their National Anthem

Not sure if I’m addicted to the news, but I’ll admit, Trump entertains me. Like every day it seems. It’s uncanny how often I ask “What could top this?
And then Trump does something worse. And again…and again…

Here’s just a few sports-related highlights over the past 48 hours:

Petulant Child-in-Chief

Just this morning, President Cheeto tweets his feelings got hurt when a NBA player wouldn’t be honoured to visit the White House.


Just yesterday Trump actually got his latest rally crowd into a fervor, chanting “USA!! USA!! USA!!” He asked the crowd “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when someone disrespects our flag, get that son-of-a-bitch off the field! He’s fired!

Within seconds, the crowd is revved up, chanting, like the pissed off sheep that they are.

And what caused Trump’s panty-twist? Colin Kaepernick, a former SF 49er’s player took a knee last year during the national anthem, to protest how, even in 2017, the US still has a massive problem with racial injustice. Trump couldn’t disagree more.


If you’re confused that President Cheeto would get angry by a minority athlete raising awareness, it makes more sense when you remember Trump also defended the nazis parading in Charlottesville. Yeah, remember way back (just a few weeks), when Trump defended their group as having “some very fine people“?


Endless Entertainment

I can see how Trump supporters must view the media as constantly attacking him. I understand it. He supplies endless fodder for them. Maybe I am addicted to watching this train wreck.

Thankfully, I’m not on the railroad tracks, per se. We live in Canada. That said, we’re well affected by Cheeto’s escapades. But maybe I’ll dive into that in another post.

Cheers, -Jeff





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