How Not To Miss Home When It’s Christmas Time

Christmas time is a blissful time. It’s the period when families gather together and spend cozy evenings with tasty treats and board games. But what can do those who are away from their relatives and friends during these merry winter holidays around the world? Homesickness is the feeling that can spoil even the most festive celebration. In this article, we share some tips and advice on how to handle homesickness during Christmas time.

  1. Delve into decorating your dwelling

There is no better activity than decorating your dwelling on Christmas. Buying decorations, bright balls, and Christmas tree will make you forget about your home and bring some festive touches to your place.

How not to be homesick during holidays? Watch your favorite movie (even if it’s not so christmas-related) and cook some tasty for dinner. You cannot stop missing home at once, but these simple festive rituals will make first the hardest sings of homesickness disappear.

  1. Do things you loved doing at home

This may sound strange, but things that cause nostalgia, make a person feel better. Traditions and rituals keep us connected with your happy place, even when you are away from it. Eat your favorite food you used to eat in the past. Treats can help calm you down. Familiar dishes from childhood or your culture will help you feel better in a new environment.

If you loved having a bubble bath or chatting with mom in the evenings, hold up the traditions and do the things that make you feel nostalgic.

  1. Get out of the house

Start to leave the house, and half the job is done. Of course, you will feel sad if you watch series all the day sitting in semi-darkness. Better spend more time outside the apartment – read a book in the park or just go for a walk with a friend, instead of eating your heart out in your room.

Work or study outside your house. Take your laptop to get access to Wikipedia and EduBirdy, go to the coffee shop or the park and do what you have planned to do at home. If you are surrounded by other people, you will not be feeling depressed and alone.

  1. Get out of your comfort zone.

Doing the usual things is very convenient, but it’s also important to take yourself out of the comfort zone to grow and change. If you are too comfortable, you will not be able to get used to the new environment.

Start with turning your festive dinner at home into one at the restaurant. Invite colleagues or acquaintances to share delicious dishes and have a glass wine in a new environment. New people can become dear friends and help you overcome your sadness.

  1. Take up a hobby

A hobby is a great way to get lost in something new and exciting. You will direct your energy to something useful and distract yourself from sad thoughts and loneliness. Also, it will help get out of comfort zone.

Start a hobby that will be associated with your new environment. Join the group of cyclists in your city. Sign up for art classes or start craft courses. Look for cooking classes and learn how to prepare something delicious for Christmas. If you communicate with new people and at the same time master new skills, it will be easier for you to get used to new place.

  1. Arrange a big party

The most effective method to beat homesickness is new friends. If you are supported by new people, you are unlikely to have problems with anguish, even if you feel it.

Arrange a party, treat your friends with your favorite Christmassy home-made food and share your traditions with them. It does not matter whether you went abroad to work or just went to university to a city that is a couple of hours away from your homeland – it will help you feel better. You can arrange a cooking party and teach your friends to prepare your favorite food or simply treat your new acquaintances with traditional snacks.

  1. Keep in touch with family and old friends

Give us a kissThis will allow you to feel their support and care, which is very important when adapting to a new place and learning how to overcome homesickness abroad. Talk with your family members via Skype, send them some presents and keep up with the news. But do not allow yourself to be too attached to your beloved ones who are not with you now. Otherwise you will not learn to live independently. Learn to control yourself and let new people in your life, which will make your celebration as fun as it could be at your home.


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