Shithole President Stains the USA

I just read what Trump said about immigrants from countries like Haiti,and nations across Africa. I just kept repeating “Wow…wow…”

That was about 5 minutes ago. And so I’m posting my shock.

shithole president

Let me say this. If you aren’t as appalled at that as I am – close your browser and carry on somewhere else –I don’t need ya, nor want ya.

Look, when I left the US, it was to seek a better life, starting with my new family. We found great happiness in Prague for several years, and now live in Canada.

Since this blog started 9 years ago, I’ve helped many people find their own better life. Most have left the US for places abroad, while others seek to move to the US.

In all cases, they were immigrants to their new home. And in all cases, they enjoy sharing life and community under a new host country’s government. After Trump’s latest diarrhea of the mouth, I can’t imagine any new US immigrants feeling welcome. That makes me really sad.

Americans – Two Weeks Free

I’m helping US folks however I can. If you are a US wanting to try life overseas – let me start you on the right track. I enabled a “14-day trial” on my Gone in One Year program. Yeah, this is a plug, but yes, from the heart.

ways to expatriate

Click on the link – and sign up. Two weeks, on me. (And cheap after that)


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