Countries Visited

New Experiences From the Start
From getting the stamp in your passport, hearing and seeing a new language, tasting new foods, when you visit a new country, it is an exciting experience from the very start.

Visiting a new country affects different people in different ways. For most people, they are energized, ready to soak in anything and everything. For some people, they seem unaffected (so they think) just viewing from the sidelines (with mouth hanging open). And still for others, it can shake them to the core, so that when they return they are forever changed.

How do you react or think you would react? Of course, there’s no right or wrong answer. In fact, the truth is, you’re not affected the same by different countries. Ask me how I returned from the Soviet Union in 1991.

The “Wow” Factor
For some people, that thrill of the new experience can get downright addicting. I would consider myself one of those people. There are few things I enjoy more than the first few days of a new place, whether a city or village, within a country or a new country.

How Many to Visit?
The family and I took a 2-hour flight to Rome, Italy for Christmas 2009. If I count them up, Italy makes my 32nd country visited.
By the way, it’s taken me 18 years to reach 32 countries. It’s no race, nor do I have a goal to simply visit a new country for the sake of visiting it. Each place was because I was a student, for work, for vacation or it became ‘home’.

My List (to date)
I’ve been asked a couple times where I’ve been. Again, hitting as many countries is not my goal, but getting to experience a new place is. When an opportunity comes up to go somewhere new – I take it. Here is my list to date (last checked September¬†2015) (33 now after a recent cruise)

United States
Saudi Arabia
South Korea
North Korea
Czech Republic
Vatican City

What’s it look like in a picture?

visited 32 states (14.2%)

still so many more to see… ¬†I can help you reach your next one – contact me now.

4 thoughts on “Countries Visited”

  1. Hi, what are the odds of you visiting a small country like the Philippines?
    We have a very welcoming culture and treat our guests hospitably, we are known for that actually.
    Any plans also, if you do visit our country on investing in real estate?

    1. Thank you Sammo.

      I haven’t been to the Philippines yet, but I certainly intend to visit.

      I know, when I do visit someday, I’ll drop in on an online friend and blogger there, Mike Stankovich, who comments here frequently.

      Property in Philippines? I’m open to hearing persuasive reasons to invest anywhere.

      Hope to hear more from you Sammo.

      1. That’s good to hear =)…well if you do decide to visit and hope to find some properties you can always send me an email …
        Makait is a good place to invest in…lots of expats living there already.
        In any case, Thanks for replying and letting me share my thoughts.

        Have a great week ahead =D

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