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Disclosure Notes for ExpatYourself.com


I do not accept advance payment or material goods of any kind in exchange for reviews on any blog I publish.

I am free to pick and choose the products, websites or services I review, and I do this work on my own time and at my own expense. No advertiser will ever influence the content of any blog I publish. I do earn affiliate commissions occasionally when visitors click my affiliate links on these blogs and make purchases, but I make no attempt to hide the affiliate links. All material, graphics, articles and advertising material is used by me with permission from the advertisers I represent on the blogs. The FTC requires this disclosure/disclaimer.

Throughout ExpatYourself, I may post my affiliate links with the intent of earning commissions, if a visitor chose to click and purchase from that provider.  Any testimonials used are either my own or approved testimonials from the merchant. Generally my method is to simply post information about a product or group of products including product name, description and pricing. I make no false claims or misrepresentations about any product I am offering or promoting. I do not receive any products from merchants ahead of posting about them, and no merchant or manufacturer ever influences the content of my websites, product stores or blogs.

In short, all I want to do is educate and motivate you to live and work overseas.  Get reading!

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