Enhance Your Skills: Learn French and English Online

Thinking of moving abroad within the next year? The best way to ease culture shock is to know the language before you leave.

Yes, if you’re planning to move around, trying several countries, don’t try to learn several languages. But if you might move to Europe, perhaps even France, then by all means, learn some French before you go.

If you’re thinking of moving in the next year or even two, now is the time to start.

Who is Frantastique?

Expat Yourself has partnered with Frantastique, a 10-year old French company specializing in teaching French to beginners using e-mail or via an app.

Frantastique takes the learning approach of a ‘Little and Often’ over a long training period. They use an intelligent memorization system, fun content and extensive cultural insights. Every day, you hear a citation with different accents, film clips, songs and more to help explore Francophone culture around the world. It is recommended you are 15 years or older. The French lessons becomes personalized, through e-mail, story and correction.

Again, this is provided to you every day – it’s actually quite fun and addicting. Much better for your expat goals than playing Candy Crush.

In short, I was very impressed with this product and encouraged we partner for your benefit. I strongly encourage you to try these online lessons. To “sweeten the pot” I am offering a 7-day trial period for free.