Take Action to Get Abroad

Want To Go Abroad? I Help.

Common Questions:

  • JOB: How to find one? Am I qualified? (And I help you here, too.)
  • MONEY: How can I afford to leave when I can’t afford to stay? (hint: you can)
  • PLACE: What countries are Easier? Cheaper? Safer(surprisingly so)
  • And…: What about my stuff? Friends & family? How to say goodbye.

Finally, Answers. How?

We talk: a Skype video call for an hour or more. 
It’s personal: what works for you.

I Connect You with Jobs

There are a LOT of jobs. The world is out there. You know it.

One example: one young US couple wanted to live anywhere in Western Europe. The husband does IT and programming, while his wife is in the scientific field.

In one phone call we had a step-by-step plan to move to Europe. I connected them with a recruiter for each of them. Now, they both work, legally and they live well within a budget.

“Hi, Jeff. I want to thank you again for your help, and let you know I’ve received a job offer in Amsterdam. Christine and I are discussing it.” – J.K.

No Experience, Student Debt? Okay.

Another example: my client was a college graduate. She spent a semester abroad and wanted to return to a boyfriend. With little savings, and student loans, this was a difficult case. However, I found her the way she needed.

Today, she’s living there and pay her student loan back home.

 “I hadn’t thought of that. No one did. That works perfectly. Thank you.” – W.M.

What’s Important to You

And another client was living in the US, but had a girlfriend in England. He liked his work in the US, but he wanted to relocate to the UK. We talked for 2 hours, and then e-mailed several times afterwards.

He had no problem finding work (“I was offered several nice positions“). His priorities were a shorter commute and lower cost of living. We worked hard on this, and we got it. He found “a step-up in my career” and only a short biking distance from his new flat.

“Thank you so much for your help Jeff, it’s so appreciated and we’re so happy that you have taken the time to help us out.” C. S

 A Very Generous “One Hour”

One more … Just a few months ago, a retired police officer wanted to move to a Caribbean country. It took me 2 days of research, but I found a way for him to live there legally and permanently. Our phone call lasted 2 and a half hours. When we last spoke, I found out he will soon leave the US.

With every client, I learn how different every person’s situation can be. Often times I have the ‘easy answer’ and sometimes it takes a lot more work on my end. But in every case, you will have your way abroad: a strategy, the step-by-step actions, and sometimes, even a job.

“I took your advice … thanks for all your time.”  – K.W.

Price: $150 / hour+

What the ?!? A hundred and fifty dollars? Well, yes.
Corporate expatriate consultants typically charge $300 +/ hour.
I still charge half that, but at least now I only help those who are serious.

Is This Worth It?

Yes, it’s Worth It

I lived in Asia, Europe and North America
I worked professionally in 7 countries, for a year or much longer.
I’ve travelled in more than 30 countries.
I will save you money. (Learn from my mistakes)
I will save you years in experience. (I lived abroad many times) 

When you hire me, you get:

            • One hour phone call (at least one hour)
            • E-mail support
            • Access to updated information for paid clients
            • Cost-saving tips. Time-saving tips. Personally experience and knowledge.

Your time abroad will be the greatest experience of your life.

Don’t Regret. Call.

If you want to live overseas, I will help you.

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Once I receive payment, you will hear from me – and we schedule our time.

Today’s the day – stop wasting it on Facebook, watching others travel.
Live your own life abroad.
If we wait for perfect conditions, we never get anything done.


If you can’t afford $150 for a consultation, then you might be interested in this: the one-year “Gone in One Year” program (monthly ~$8-10 fee that delivers by email)

E-mail me and let me know.