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First, Welcome to Expat Yourself

I’m Jeff (about me here). Thanks for finding me.
This blog is now 7 years strong.

What’s the main point of this blog?
The world is your oyster.  Take it.

When people hear how I lived, worked and bought property abroad, they ask “How?” So I started this blog. I hope you can become an “Expat Yourself”  🙂

I Want This Blog To:

  • motivate You
  • share stories and experiences
  • give step-by-step help so you actually can travel.
  • explain why moving and living abroad can be a truly life-enriching experience

Some Key Posts To Read

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In Summary – That’s Just the Beginning!

There are lots of reasons why people want to leave their country, ranging from frustration, lifestyle change, adventure and even (believe it or not) patriotism!

These are just a fraction of the posts available. And you can always drop me a note – I’ll help you, whoever you are.