What Will It Take For You To Become An Expat?

Yes, I’m Talking to You. Dammit, Pay Attention!

Pull your seat a little closer, sit up straight, close your gaping mouth and listen.

Really. Focus. Pay attention…

You’re sitting there, behind your desk, in front of your computer screen.

Maybe it’s Tuesday today, but that isn’t important. It could be Monday, it could be Wednesday, it could be any work day of the week.

This week, next week, next month. It’s all the same.

Same desk, same PC. Same Tuesday. Same, same, same.

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Vote Where We Go For Vacation

Here’s my situation…
Me and the family will take a long vacation before moving.
We rented a motorhome for the month of June.
We pick up our motorhome in Frankfurt, Germany.

Ah, but where do we go?
That’s the snag. Frankly, we can’t decide. West? South? North?? East???
So, since I so love this blog, I decided to let you pick.

My plan is simple: I make a poll. You vote. We travel.
I set up my very first poll below. It was actually fun to make. 🙂
I also offer a map, sort of, showing our choices. Of course, I’m no artist, so each route is hardly exact, but you get the idea.

Check them out. You vote. That’s it.
The result? Whatever “wins” – we spend the month driving that way for our June vacation.
Really, we will go wherever the winning votes tell us to go. Don’t get too excited, though. It’s not like you’re coming with us or anything, unless you can get here by 1 June.

Oh, one last word. If you’ve got an idea I didn’t mention, or you have an itinerary that you really think we should do, then leave a comment below. Be compelling; I’ll reply to all.

Thanks for your vote. I can’t wait to see where we’re going!


Update: We took the “green” route. 

Red, Green, Orange or Yellow?
Red, Green, Orange or Yellow?