How and Why to Buy Property In Another Country

Congratulations to us; my wife and I just bought a house.  Normally, not a big deal, but I think we differ from your normal homeowners…

  • This is our third house in 10 years.
  • This is our third house in our third country.
  • We are not rich
  • Big profile difference in 10 years: Since house #1, we had 2 kids AND our salary is just one third what it was 10 years ago.
To be clear, we don’t have 3 houses now.  We sold house #1 to help buy house #2.  We now own 2 homes: one in Prague, Czech Republic and one on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia, Canada.
Again, not a big deal.  And I’d say it’s very possible by almost anyone.
Our home now is Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, with our house located about 1200 feet from the Atlantic Ocean.  During the quiet nights on the deck we both see and hear the surf pound on the rocky shore.  It’s magical for us and the kids.

How Did We Do It?

I could say it took steadfast sacrifice, determination and hard work to get here, but that’s a load of BS.

Happily in Canada, And Why Not?

Delayed Due to Happiness

Forgive me readers, I have sinned.  I abandoned my blog.  Well, “abandon” is a strong word, but yeah, for many months, I haven’t posted.  Sure, thought about and wrote several drafts, but hadn’t hit publish, so I abandoned it.  I’m sorry and  I’m back.

Why did I avoid writing for so long?  Maybe I’m just too content here.  After almost 2 years here, I feel completely at home here in Nova Scotia, Canada.

And after 2 years, finally I realize, being so happy is no reason to keep quiet on this blog.  In fact, my being content here serves as more proof for others to seek their own new HOME, wherever that may be.

My Transition Was Tough – But the Lesson was Sweet

Another reason I posted so little in 2011 was the year made for a tough transition.  I struggled going from corporate worker to stay-at-home dad.  I struggled moving from gorgeous Prague to urban-hell Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  And I struggled even more with personal matters from the past.  Thankfully, I have the world’s most supportive wife who I can also call my best friend.  She and she alone is the reason I am happily living in Canada today.

eastern passage, nova scotia

And thankfully, we left urban-hell Dartmouth and bought a house in a quaint fishing village.  Our new surroundings: Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada.  Now, as we walk off our driveway, we can glance down the street at the water, the Atlantic ocean – a dream come true.  Possible here in “the passage.”

So content I am, in fact, that I felt somewhat scummy to write how others could seek happiness elsewhere.  I mean, how can I relate to others’ motivation to move, if I’m more than happy to stay?  Sadly, it took several more months to realize, it’s perfectly healthy to find happiness somewhere.  I just happen to had found it in Eastern Passage, NS.

And I still believe it can describe anyone.  And like the time without publishing here taught me, only thinking about something doesn’t make it happen.  Results require action and so here I am, starting over at Expat Yourself.

Happily finding peace in Canada — happily helping you find yours wherever you like.