How Working Abroad Can Work for You

A few days ago I wrote Top 5 Excuses Against Moving Abroad, starting with…

Excuse #1. Work

Number one excuse is “I have a job.” People actually ask “How could I leave my career?”
To this excuse, I say you aren’t hurting your career, you’re helping it!

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Today, I want to expand on that first excuse: Work.

Okay, on with how working abroad can work for you.

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I Want to Be An Expat: You + 700M Others

I want to be an expat” – a dream of over 700 million people.

A survey, which took 3 years to complete, was finally released. The survey asked “Would you like to start a new life abroad?”.
Across 130 countries, 16% of the people answered “Yes.”


What countries were most popular?
Mostly developed western countries, plus Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Where does everyone want to go?
If everyone had their wish, the United States would swell by 165 million people (growing it by 50%)
Canada would bring in 45 million people (a whopping 150% boost!)
France, Thailand and Britain each would grow also by another 40+ million people.

What’s the biggest motivator for all these people?
Jobs. For many folks, the big deciding factor whether to stay or go was employment. Do you want to work abroad?
Last year, HSBC released a report about expats which reported that half of surveyed expats are in their residence country and plan to stay because of a better contract than they could get back home. Another tidbit: more than half had lived outside their home country for longer than 5 years.

Both the HSBC report and the very recent Gallup survey show a growing trend: people are seeking to become expats.

credit: Source article

“I want to be an expat” said by 700 million people. That’s a lot of people. It’s a big dream. Start now, while you’re ahead of the pack. 😉

“How Can You Just Move …to another Country?”

You're an Expat?!?We hear this question from friends, family, friends of family and some family of friends…
Anyway, the point is, there are people who are amazed a person would become an expat (or want to become an expat). I do understand why there are such people. And that’s one of the big reasons for this website – to inform you why, and more importantly how you can be an expat, too.

So, How Hard Is It? Will I Fail?
The hardest part is not doing it. I will tell you that Regret is a bitch. It’s a whole lot easier to just try. Regardless whether you live abroad for 1 month or 10 years, there is no failure in becoming an expat. If you uproot yourself and live abroad for 1 month, you have still lived abroad – hence, Success.

But the real rewards are in living and adapting.